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Taylor focuses on Chiefs, not starting QB job


Tyrod Taylor was undoubtedly pleased when he found out Tuesday that he would be the starting quarterback for the Bills when they face the Chiefs in Kansas City this weekend. He's also made a conscious decision to focus on nothing but Buffalo's next opponent.

"It's been an interesting set of days, but it's the National Football League," Taylor said. "You have to be prepared for anything. Focus-wise you can't let things break your focus. Whether it's last week or this week I'm going to continue to prepare and that's what I'm here to do now. Prepare and do whatever it takes to get this team to win this Sunday against the Chiefs."

For Taylor, whose benching last week lasted for all of a half, it's not uncommon territory. From the time he was drafted he has had to deal with disappointment and personal setbacks. Fortunately for him, that prior experience with adversity allows him to effectively compartmentalize his frustrations and focus his attention on what matters most.

He knows his best response to what happened to his starting job last week is to focus on righting the ship for a team that has now lost three straight. That means performing consistently and leading effectively.

"I'm going to continue to be the leader that I am, the player that I am, week in and week out. As a team more importantly, we have to fix what we haven't done right the last three weeks and that's getting back on the winning side of the scoreboard," he said. "I know guys in this locker room are ready to go out there and fix that."

For just a second, Taylor provided a glimpse into his psyche in terms of how a decision like last week affects him.

"There's always been a chip on my shoulder," he said. "When I was playing rec league, even to when I was drafted in the sixth round, to the things that I've been through throughout my time in the NFL, it just made that chip bigger."

Where Taylor excels however, is in pushing those personal feelings aside and narrowing his focus.

"I've put it behind me, learned from it," said Taylor of his benching last week. "(I'll) visit it maybe sometime down the line, but right now it's about the Chiefs and whatever it takes to find a win, week in and week out. This team is capable of making the playoffs. We have a whole bunch of talent, so we have to do whatever it takes to fix the things we haven't been doing well and get back on the right track."

As for what the quarterback change in Week 10 meant regarding the team's future at the quarterback position, Taylor isn't thinking about that either. For him, it serves no purpose in helping him or his team get a victory in Kansas City this weekend.

"I haven't really thought about that. I don't control that," he said. "All I control is what I do week to week. That's what I'm going to focus on getting better at. In the future, that'll play out how God wants it to play out."

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