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The New Age: sights and signs set high in 2013

You'd be hard-pressed to miss the massive image of the Lombardi Trophy hanging high above the practice field in the Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse. Or the one in the players' lounge. Or the one in the team meeting room. Or the one on the players' door into the building.

The message is loud and clear: a Super Bowl win is the ultimate goal.

"I like it," said Bills C Eric Wood. "It's a lot of Super Bowl aspirations and themes which is what you need. If you're not shooting for the Super Bowl, what are you shooting for?"

Under new head coach Doug Marrone, the substantial rebranding of the facilities makes a statement to the players and to the organization as a whole. Where there once were undecorated endzone walls in the Fieldhouse, now hang AFC and AFL Championship banners as a reminder of the rich history and pride surrounding Buffalo Bills football.

"You see the past, the tradition that this organization has," said RB C.J. Spiller. "I think that should be a reminder to everyone that steps into the building of what the expectations are – winning the AFC Championship and winning that Super Bowl."



]( only are the walls filled with images of past accomplishments but also with motivational quotes, as a constant reminder – if the daunting Lombardi trophies weren't enough – of the commitment and effort it takes to reach that ultimate goal.

The simple yet powerful motivators are sprinkled around One Bills Drive, ranging from Teddy Roosevelt's famous "Dare Mighty Things" quote to the statement, "Don't confuse effort with results," on either side of the Fieldhouse. All graphics and signs were created by VSP Marketing Group, a Buffalo based company and team partner. President and CEO Trace George and his son, Trey, oversaw the project from concept to completion and were selected because of their attention to detail and ability to creatively implement all facets of the vision. 

Though the new look has an immediate visual effect, it's just the beginning of a less tangible but evident shift in culture surounding the team.

"We made some changes," said HC Doug Marrone. "Obviously, there was messaging around prior to, that we've just taken down in willing to build that messaging as we work together with the players…Working with the players, building the trust in them, building the organization together and building a team together is what I am talking about."

"You gotta make changes when you're trying to make a change," said QB Tarvaris Jackson. "That's the most important thing. He's trying to create a different environment for us, period – a winning environment. It starts with the coaches, but it also starts with the players. We have to do our part."

With a renewed sense of focus established quickly in their first week together in Buffalo, the sights of both coaches and players are set high, literally and figuratively, on that prized Lombardi Trophy.

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