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Three Bills repeat as captains

The Bills have chosen their team captains for the 2008 campaign and of the six leaders elected, three will serve in that capacity for a second straight season.

Lee Evans, Chris Kelsay and Brian Moorman were all co-captains in 2007 and will all serve again this fall after being voted to those same leadership roles by their teammates.

"It's a special honor," said head coach Dick Jauron. "I've always loved that hockey 'C' on the sweater. It's got to be a special deal in our league to have that 'C' sitting on their shoulder. I congratulated them all on their election. It's a special deal when your teammates elect you."

Joining Evans will be quarterback Trent Edwards as a co-captain for the offensive side of the ball.

Kelsay will be flanked by strong safety Donte Whitner, who was named a co-captain for the first time in his career, on defense.

On special teams George Wilson will serve as the other co-captain along with Moorman as the free safety is expected to have a large role on cover and return teams this season.

"It's a humbling honor for my teammates to think that much of me to elect me to a leadership position like captain," said Wilson. "Just considering where I've come from and the amount of work I've had to put into it and to have them acknowledge it and reward me for it in a sense is humbling."

At the same time Wilson realizes his role goes beyond that of teammate now.

"It comes with a lot of responsibility," he said. "The guys will look to us for composure, poise and leadership in times of adversity. And we'll have to stay humble and even-keeled in times of success, so it's a double-edged sword. I just have to make sure I'm ready to go every day because I've got 50 some-odd guys looking to me."

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