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Throwback Thursday: Seats that hold memories




Name: Don Scoma

Season Ticket Holder since: 1965 (Rockpile)

Section: 110

All-time favorite player: Kenny Davis (Bills RB 1989-1994)

Favorite home game moment of all-time: "Bruce was on the defense, and the defense came up, and within a period of about two and a half minutes, we scored three or four times. The defense took over. That's when the defense became a star. That was the first game when you could almost see the defense saying, 'oh my gosh, we can do this.'

It's just a lot of fun to go to the games and see it in person. I don't get the same feeling when I sit home and watch them. I get excitement about it but it's not the same. I don't like going and watching at sports bars or anything. It's about being there."

Off-the-field memories: "It's been fun doing it all these years. It was great fun for the last 18 years of my dad's life, going to the game every Sunday with him. It was a different experience. Obviously we spent time together but this was different. Just to see the way he enjoyed it and how he looks during the game, he just thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He attended his last game when he was 94, and tailgated up until the game before he passed away. He had a better attendance record at that time than I did."

Name: Johnny VanKouwenberg

Season Ticket Holder since: 1990, regular since Ralph Wilson Stadium opened in 1973


All-time favorite player:Jim Kelly

Home game rituals:Takes a walk around the concourse at halftime and has timed out the perfect route to be back in his seats when the Bills come out of the tunnel.

Favorite home game moment of all-time:The Comeback Game. "That game was great. My daughters were all there. I went for my halftime walk. The girls asked me where I was when I got back and I was making plans for the team to go to Pittsburgh."

Family Dedication: VanKouwenberg often shares the tickets with his three daughters, who have grown up die-hard Bills fans. "I come from a small town and you rooted for them whether they were good bad or indifferent. The family looked forward to it. It was the day with dad. The one year when the Bills beat Miami for the championship, they drove back from college between midnight and 4 am. We went to that game and they had to go back for final exams by Monday morning."

Name:Harry Kozlowski

Season Ticket Holder since:2003, commutes from New Hampshire

Section:Rockpile 241

All-time favorite player:Steve Tasker. "He redefined what it meant to be a special teams player."

First Bills memory: "I live 500 miles from Buffalo. I grew up a Bills fans. The first game I ever attended was the season opener in 1969, Bills and Jets, at the old Rockpile. Kemp was the quarterback and Joe Namath played for the Jets. I've been a fan ever since, but decided to become a season ticket holder in 2003."

Favorite home game moment of all-time:The Dallas Monday night game, 2007. "I'd never seen or heard that stadium louder or more crazed. The intensity level was something I'd never seen anywhere, and being there was just unbelievable, even though we lost. It was just amazing.

Why season tickets are worth the trip each week:"If the Bills didn't exist, I wouldn't be a football fan, because I'm a Bills fan first and an NFL fan later. I feel connected, I feel close with the team. They're just my team. The Bills have been part of my identity for most of my life. It's just a natural place for me to stay as close and connected to them as I can be."

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