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Thurman Thomas & Fred Jackson: Thousand-yard dads

Thomas and Jackson are both fathers, and they both have three daughters and one son. For Thurman, it's his namesake, 13-year old Thurman Thomas, Jr.—the youngest of his four children. For Fred, it's the oldest— 8-year old Braeden.

Both Thurman, Jr. and Braeden are outstanding young athletes, as you might expect given their bloodlines. Thurman, Jr. is headed into eighth grade as a standout baseball player. After playing some youth football, he plans on getting back on the football field for freshman football tryouts this summer.

Braeden Jackson is an 8-year old standout on his youth football team in Hamburg. His father, Fred Jackson, says, "If you talk to him now, he's going to be a first round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills."

But whether Braden and Thurman make it big in the world of sports, they're already learning the importance of sports in their lives, thanks to their "Thousand Yard Dads." They're learning valuable life lessons about leadership and teamwork through sports, and through the leadership and guidance of their famous fathers.

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