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Top 10 reasons to get pumped for Bills-Eagles


10. It's next man up.

While our offensive line is returning to full health, our secondary has been depleted by injury. With a stable of corners we have faith in, it's up to the next man in line to fill the shoes of those before him on Sunday like we know he can.

9. Our 30 for 30 airs Saturday night. (This relates, we promise.)

Though not directly tied into our big game in Philly, watching ESPN's 30 for 30 on the Bills Super Bowl runs will make you love this team and this city more than ever. It's name, Four Falls of Buffalo, is not upliftng for any Bills fan. This we know. But when you watch its premiere on Saturday at 9:30 pm after the Heisman presentation, you'll be more ready than ever to see this team go on a run for the city it loves so well. When it's too tough for them...

8. Pro Bowl potential.

It's the final weekend before fan voting closes for the 2016 Pro Bowl, and when you see your favorite Bills out there making some of the best catches, runs, blocks and throws in the league, VOTE!

  1. It'll be loud at the Linc.

And we're not just talking about when we have the ball. We expect to see a lot of you in the stands on Sunday, showing Eagles fans what we're all about and making it harder than usual for them at home. Make us proud!

6. The forecast is Shady…

Six straight 100+ yard games. Shady's cruising. 💯 #FeelTheRush

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…On the ground and in the sky.

And speaking of the weather, it's projected to be 71 degrees at gametime in the City of Brotherly Love. Typical December football weather, eh?

5. Tyrod

Our man under center continues to impress. He's 1st in the NFL in 4th quarter QB rating (translation: clutch), 4th in overall QB rating, has the highest deep ball completion percentage in the league, and can catch footballs with one hand like it's not a thing. Kid can ball.

4. Big plays

Speaking of Tyrod, why wait to get in the red zone if we can score from way outside of it? Bombs to the endzone, sneaky runs by Shady…whatever the offense is doing to strike deep quickly is working.

3. The future.

Don't look now, but Sammy, Tyrod and Shady could be our WR-QB-RB trio of the future. If this final four game stretch goes the way it's supposed to, you won't have any doubt.

2. McCoy's going home.

Not just a former Eagle, LeSean McCoy grew up and went to college in Pennsylvania. This game is about more than that splashy offseason trade. It's about a lifetime of connections and a return home as an outsider for the first time.

1. This is it.

Every week. Must-wins. Shady said it himself. Far more important than his homecoming or his stats is bringing back the W. Let's do this thing.

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