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Top 5 best Bills nicknames according to Boobie Dixon


It's safe to say you'll hear the name 'Boobie Dixon' a bit more this Sunday when he picks up an increased workload from the injured C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.To keep you from missing important minutes of the game lost in thought about where he could have possibly picked up a name like that, here's the explanation from Anthony, call me Boobie, himself:

"It comes from college. Friday Night Lights movie was hot my freshman year and I kind of went out there and was a freshman stud, you know, like Boobie," he said, referencing, Boobie Miles, the star running back at Permian High School and a main character in Friday Night Lights.

"We were playing around with it at first but it eventually stuck, and I'm still riding with it. I like it. It's different, and I'm all about being different."

With his signature nickname in tow, we thought Boobie Dixon was one of the few worthy of gauging where some of the best nicknames in team history stand. So without further ado, here is Boobie Dixon's pick of the top five nicknames in Bills history.

1) Anthony Dixon: Boobie

This is Boobie's list after all. Did you really think he'd put anyone but himself in the top slot? No. Should he have considered other nicknames to crown as the best in Bills history? No. The man wears his nickname like a medal, and he's earned that right. This is Boobie D's world, and we're just living in it.

2) LB Takeo Spikes: TKO

TKO, who was just in Buffalo Leading the Charge as the Bills beat the Vikings, has a nickname that sounds just as intimidating as he looks when he's coming at you full speed to make a signature TKO. Though Boobie didn't choose nicknames based on the intimidation factor, it's safe to say it influenced this solid number two.

3) DE Marcellus Wiley: Wild Style

Wild Style is certainly a derivative of Wiley, but it just fits. Boobie insists he didn't select his top five based on the player, only the nickname. He was simply a fan of the flair and originality Wild Style brought to the table.

4) P Chris Mohr: Hang Time

Punters with nicknames? That's a thing? You bet it is, and Boobie loves it. Mohr earned this nickname through his play, and that's something Boobie can get behind.

5) LB Darryl Talley: Spiderman, The Hammer

Double the nicknames, double the fun! How could Boobie pass up this combination of super-heroics and intimidation? These two nicknames combined to round out a solid list of Boobie's top five.

Bills nicknames that didn't make the cut:

-CB Terrence McGee: Game Day

-DT Ted Washington: Mt. Washington

-LB Cornelius Bennett: Biscuit

-OL Jerry Crafts: Condo

-QB Alex Van Pelt: Pill (short for Pillsbury Doughboy)

-T Howard Ballard: House

-WR/KR Kevin Williams: K-Dub

-WR Elbert Dubenion: Golden Wheels, Dubey

-TE Mark Campbell: Soup

-WR Chris Hogan: 7-Eleven

-RB Carlton Chester Gilchrist: Cookie

-RB Thurman Thomas: The Therminator

Bills fans, what do you think? Weigh in through your comments below, and let us know any great Bills nicknames we missed!

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