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Top 5 from Facebook Live with QB Tyrod Taylor

*1. He used to watch *Remember the Titans before his high school football games


The classic Disney football movie is an all-time favorite of the QB. In his high school days, it was even an important part of his pregame routine.

Before every game, he would go home from school and watch the movie while he prepared to head back for the kickoff. "Turkey sandwich in between," he added.

2. He's feeling the energy the new coaching staff has brought to One Bills Drive this offseason

With so many new faces around the team, Taylor has noticed that a lot of his teammates have been getting to practice early during OTAs to get to know each other better, and they're not in a rush to leave at the end of the night, either. Part of the reason might be the new atmosphere around the facility created by Sean McDermott.

"The one thing coach did was put speakers in all the hallways, so there's always some type of music playing. Whether it's hip hop, rock, country, there always something," Tyrod said, admitting that sometimes he will dance down the hall if he hears a song he likes. "Just to try to get the energy going, and everyone with a positive attitude to start their morning."

3. He likes the nickname "Hot Rod"

*These days, *Bills fans usually call Tyrod "T-Mobile" or "T-2," but his pee wee coach used to call him "Hot Rod."

"That was actually my first nickname," Taylor said. "You could ask anybody that played rec league with me, back when I was five, six years old. 'Hot Rod' was the original name," Taylor remembered, with a big smile on his face. "I don't mind if people go back to it. That's fine."

4. He's on #TeamRanch

* *Just like his new teammate Jordan Poyer recently revealed on Facebook Live, Taylor also prefers to dip his chicken wings in ranch dressing, rather than the traditional choice of Buffalonians.

"That doesn't agree with most people from this area. I've been to a couple places that don't even serve ranch, so that's kind of weird to me," Taylor said. "I'm not a blue cheese fan. My dad likes blue cheese, but I never liked it."

5. He's planning on bringing back his Hotline Bling touchdown celebration dance this season

The new, relaxed NFL rules on on-field celebrations have a lot of players talking, including the Bills QB, who promises to bring back his popular Drake-inspired end zone dance in the fall.

"I'm pretty sure guys are definitely geeked up to go out there and have fun," Taylor said. "It's an entertainment business, so guys are definitely going to have fun out there with the celebrations. Just make sure it's respectable and it doesn't offend anyone. Go out there and have fun. We play a game for a living, so go on out and enjoy it while you're out there on the field." 

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