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Transcript: Aaron Williams, Mark Anderson

CB Aaron Williams

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On how he is feeling:

I am feeling really comfortable. Second year back, getting acquainted with the playbook. Just having trust in the safeties and George (Wilson) really helping me out and covering my back.

On his knee:

Knee is fine. No major injuries or anything.

On if he was nervous about his knee last week:

Nothing scary. Just being cautious about it.

On how he is approaching the season:

I am attacking this year like every year before it. I have standards, expectations and goals I want to accomplish and I know what those are. The team and players know. All I have to do is do my job and everything will come together.

On facing tall receivers:

Last year I was mostly on the shorter guys like Wes (Welker), Santonio Holmes and other guys like that. This year being around David (Nelson) and Marcus (Easley), they help me out because they are two different styles of receivers. Tall receivers and short receivers. Coming out here competing and grinding together.

On Fred Jackson:

Fred is a goof ball. He is the biggest kid I know at the age of 30, 29 or however old he is. He keeps me humble. Keeps me level headed. Beats me up. He is my older brother in the locker room. He is always beating me up. He took me under his wing when I got here so I am really blessed to have him.

On talking trash now that he is no longer a rookie:

The first year you want to listen more than you talk. When you get used to everybody's personality and the chemistry of this team the trash talk starts coming out. Especially in mini-camp and training camp to. It is all just competing, grinding each other and getting each other better. The trash talking is just trying to keep my confidence up. Even if it is a bad play I am not going to let you know that you had me on that one play. I am going to keep going.

On if he is more comfortable now:

It is more about being comfortable and knowing your teammates. First year you do not want to mouth off to the veterans because you just got here and you have not proven anything. I have yet to still prove anything. Nobody has a starting job. I do not have a starting job. I am trying to prove to the coaches that they can rely on me.

On how eager he is to put his full game on display after getting injured last season:

You cannot really look at it like that. You cannot really control injuries. All you can really do from it is learn from it. One thing I learned in the league is to make plays you have to stay on the field. Being in the training room and getting with the nutritionist or strength and conditioning coach helps a lot.

On the biggest difference between this offseason and last year's offseason:

Having time to get to know the playbook. Last year I got thrown into the fire trying to learn the playbook as fast as possible before the first preseason game. Now I have had a chance to go to OTAs and mini-camp. We had a great attendance at OTAs—pretty much everybody came. As long as I am with George (Wilson), he is one of the smartest guys I know that understands the game. He calls the plays out before they ever happen. As long as I am with him studying in the film room and the classroom, and with Jarius (Byrd) and the veterans I should be fine. 

DE Mark Anderson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On how the team is feeling:

Right now at mini-camp we are just going over the plays. Learning different ways of lining up, different types of moves and different assignments to do during the course of a snap. Everybody is just being really technically sound and just having fun out there.

On how he is fitting in:

I am fitting in pretty well. The team is like a big family. Everybody welcomed me with open arms and we are just having fun out there as a team.

On the hype surrounding the defensive line:

Everything is flowing well right now. We are getting good work out there. We are getting good looks from the offensive tackles. Everybody is working hard and everybody is doing their assignment. We are just out there clicking and gelling as a team. Just trying to get a feel for each other right now.

On the Bills' potential:

It is still early to me. We still have a lot of work to do. We still have a lot of different assignments and stuff to learn. It is looking good. Everything is looking on the upside of things but we still have a long way to go.

On how to keep his emotions in check with the season two months away:

It is still early so right now it is just learning the defense and executing plays. It is still early and we still have a couple of months to get ready for the games.

On his Mario William's jokingly calling him a 'little guy':

He is just mad because I jumped a higher vertical than him. He owes me some money. (Laughing)

On having a higher vertical than Williams:

We just had a little side bet and he is just mad because I beat him. Now he tries to blast me talking about me being the little guy.

On what his vertical was:

I had a 42, the best in the 2006 draft. Look that up. He had a 41 or something. It was nothing compared to my vertical.

On his competition with Williams over who can tally better stats:

We will see when it is all said and done. It is going to be a fun competition and we are both competitive guys. We are just going to feed off of each other and the best man will win.

On how much Williams' signing in Buffalo impacted his decision to sign with the Bills:

It factored a little bit but I like the whole Buffalo organization. They treated me like family when I came on my visit. Mario being here was a plus because I had experience playing with him in Houston. I know what type of player he is. I know what type of jokes he has on and off the field. I already knew what I was getting myself into with Mario. But the whole Buffalo staff, they treated me with open arms. That is something that stuck with me when I was making my decision.

On moving from New England to Buffalo:

We just felt out different teams that were looking at me during the whole free agency process. I had no clue Buffalo was checking me out until towards the end of the whole process.

On his unorthodox pass rushing style:

I feel like I have a normal pass rush. My whole thing is getting off the ball and just reacting to whatever the offense gives me. It might seem unorthodox but I just take what the offense gives me. 

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