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Transcript: Bills head coach Chan Gailey


Opening statement:

The things we did to win Week Two and Three, we obviously did not do today. You cannot turn it over and you cannot stop the run, you are not going to win football games. That is our responsibility to get them to not turn it over and not give up the rush yards we gave up. Did not make a play in special teams today either.

On why they could not stop the run:

To be honest with you, they whipped us. Bottom line, they whipped us. They blocked us, we did not get off blocks and get to the ball. They blocked us and they were making our corners make a bunch of tackles. We missed entirely too many tackles.

On if he expected the Patriots to be able to run the ball:

No. Did not expect that at all.

On giving up giving up 100 points in two division games:

How much of that is because of turnovers? It does not matter. We did it. I understand that. It looks like we are either feast or famine. We either play pretty good or we play really bad. We have to get out of that. Go make the next step to be a good football team. You cannot do that.

On if it feels daunting going up against the Patriots:

They are the defending (AFC) champs for a reason. They are good. They are. They are a good football team. They played well today. We did not measure up. Last two were bad, one before that was better. You try to learn from history. It is not a predictor of the future, but it is what it is. You learn from it and you try to get better from it. We were not good enough today.

On the status of S Jairus Byrd:

Byrd had a hip pointer. He and Donald (Jones) both got dinged a little bit. It seems to be minor. It seems like they will be OK.

On the status of LT Cordy Glenn:

Cordy has an ankle that is going to be a while. So does (Kraig) Urbik.

On if OG Kraig Urbik hurt his ankle:

Yes. * *

On how much it hurt to have to replace two guys on the offensive line:

That is an excuse. You expect guys to walk in and play. We expect guys to go in and do their job.

On if he feels the team is embarrassed:

Yeah, I do. I am. I do not like to play like that. I do not think that is who we are, but that is who we were today. You cannot sugar coat it anyway, but we are 2-2. That is who we are today. We are 2-2. You kicked dirt on us almost after the first game, everybody was getting high after two and everybody will kick dirt on us after this week. That is just the way it is. I understand that. We have a tough road ahead of us. We understand that.  Nobody understands that more than me.

They were able to split us with the inside guys I felt like. That is what I felt like. I will have to watch the film to get a real feel for that, but I thought we got off the downs a little bit quick. But I do not know that. That is what I felt like on the field.

On how things went along in deciding to play RB C.J. Spiller:

I do not make those decisions. You talk to the training staff about is he well enough to play and then you talk to the player. Does he want to play and is he well enough to play in his mind. If we have an opportunity to have a dynamic player on the field, you take the opportunity to do that.

On if he sensed the team panic when the Patriots started coming back: No. I did not feel that. I thought there was a sense of 'Hey, we need to go make something happen offensively.' We gave up those points right before half that really hurt us, but I did not feel that. I did not feel that at all.

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