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Transcript: Bills Scout Darrell Moody on Cordy Glenn

On if the Bills were excited to have T Cordy Glenn fall to them in the second round:

What do you think? (jokingly)  We're excited about it, yes.

On if there was any debate on whether he fits better as a guard or tackle:

You know, we saw him play guard prior to this year and then this year he played left tackle. As you watched the season progress, he got better and better at left tackle.  He struggled in the first ballgame against Boise State and the whole Georgia offensive line did.  You could see a tremendous amount of improvement every week.  He's got tremendous size. He's got length and he's got good foot quickness.  If there's one thing that he needs to improve on, he'll get impatient at times and waist-bend, but he does not do that all the time. And we're a firm believer that if he doesn't do it all the time we can coach and we can get him out of that habit.  It's very similar to what Marcus McNeill was when we took him at San Diego and the coaches were able to get him out of it. 

On if other teams thought of Glenn as a guard because of his size:

I have no idea.  I have enough trouble trying to figure out what we're doing, so I don't get into what other teams are trying to do.

On if Glenn's weight has ever been a problem:

There were rumors about that. But Georgia prior to this year, their staff had thought they had become a softer football team and they decided they were going to become a bigger, stronger football team.  I think their whole offensive line was bigger and stronger. I think that was by design.  I think the kid will do exactly what we tell him to do.  If we want him to be 345 he'll be 345, if we want him to be 325 he'll be 325.  I think he's that kind of kid.

On Glenn's 31-rep bench press at the scouting combine:

I would have trouble doing that.  That's pretty good.

On his comfort level playing left tackle:

I just think as you looked at him, he got better every week.  He got more comfortable playing left tackle and that's a big adjustment moving from guard to left tackle.  He got more comfortable with it. I thought he was an excellent player at the end of the season and I thought he really played well in the Senior Bowl at left tackle.

On his footwork:

I think he's got good feet. I don't know that he's got great feet but I think he's got good feet.  You don't have to have great feet if you've got great length and great size.  It's hard to get around big people.

On Glenn's talent and size:

I think he's just a huge, athletic player.  There are probably people that are bigger than he is and there are probably people that are more athletic than he is, but I think he gives you a good combination of size and athletic ability.

If there's still room for him to grow and get better:

If they don't have room to grow, sooner or later it's going to catch up with them.  Once they get to a point where they stop improving and stop growing, we've got a problem.  We think he's got a big ceiling to improve.

On his personal makeup and attitude:

I think he's a good athlete. I think he's a tough kid. I don't think he's a trained killer.  At this time, I think when you evaluate film, which is unusual when you evaluate college players, I think he's a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker right now, but I think that will come.

On if he's a coachable player:

I coached for 28 years and I coached in the SEC. I would say he's been coached hard.  They don't pamper them in the SEC.  He's been coached hard.

On why other teams passed on drafting him earlier:

I think football players are a lot like spouses: what looks good to one don't look good to another.  Obviously he looked good to us and I'm glad he didn't look good to maybe some of the others.

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