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Transcript: Chan Gailey, DE Mario Williams

Head Coach Chan Gailey PM Practice – August 13, 2012

On the injured players:

(Justin) Rogers; hopefully we will get him back to practice tomorrow or Wednesday. He will not play this week and hopefully he will be ready for the next game.* *

Yea. He has two good days and then he takes a step back. We just have to wait and see; I do not think he is going to play this week.

* *

On DE Shawne Merriman:It has been a culmination of bumps and bruises and stuff. We said, 'hey, take a day off,' and we will get him back out there tomorrow.*  *

* *

On OG Michael Jasper's release:Yes it did. He just was not making the progress that we thought and we gave him a chance to get on another team if possible because he was not going to make it here.On if his spot has been filled:No. No, I do not think we probably will but we have one in case something happens.* *

* *

On today's practice:There were some good looks passed out there today. It was good on both sides. There were some good things from both sides of the ball. We had too many off-sides penalties defensively where we were crowding the ball a little bit too much but other than that it was a good sharp day in a lot of ways.

* *

On QB Vince Young throwing the majority of practice:He threw all day. That is the best he has done since he has been here. I think today was the best day since he has been here.* *

* *

On if he minds seeing physical play during practice:No I do not mind; it is football. In training camp you are supposed to have those. I do not want those in the regular season and in practice. But, in training camp, that is part of it.

* *

On Young:You have to ask him but we are trying to do everything with him. We are not holding anything back. He has a better grasp of it than he did at any time in OTA's and mini-camp and I think he is feeling a lot more comfortable.* *

* *

On Young's legwork from first preseason game:It did not show me anything because I already knew it so it is not like it was a surprise. I think there were a couple of times where he was not sure about where to throw it so he tucked it. Sometimes the protection broke down and he had to run it so if he just keeps getting more comfortable then he will pick and choose his times to run it I think. He has made progress. He has made something happen almost every time he has run it so that is good.* *

* *

On the offensive units improving:Yes, they are getting a little better. You keep working it and you keep going and it pays dividends. I thought both the first and second offenses did a good job running it today.

* *

On CB Terrence McGee:Good. When you talk about percentages and where he is, he gains a percentage or two every day. But, he never makes a jump of 10-15 percent. It is slowly but surely coming. He can do most everything except a couple things in his movements.*   *

DE Mario Williams

PM Practice - Monday, August 13, 2012

On if he is anticipating getting more reps against Minnesota than he did vs. Washington:

Yeah, definitely. You're out there and get a few more snaps. It is still preseason so you're really not looking at the game like you would in the regular season. Just go out there, pretty much play fast and play our defense right now.

On after being injured last season, if he feels the need to get more reps than he normally would:

It is my seventh year in the league, so football is football and our system is pretty simple. We do not make it complicated. We try to keep it easy so we can play fast. You just basically know what you have to do and it is just about going out and being fast.

On what adjustments the coaching staff has made after the first preseason game:

Player responsibility. The biggest thing that hurt us after that few three-and-outs, was we did things we have not done before as far as getting reads and not coming down with a down block or tackle. Things like that. But all of those things can be fixed because we did them. It is not like we got overwhelmed or anything like that. We did it. For whatever reason we did the first two, three series right and next thing you know we are focusing on the boot, thinking it is going to come with that quarterback that we had. Guys were looking into the backfield a little bit too much. And that is what ended up happening so we just have to fix ourselves. Take care of that and we will be alright.

On if it was a conscious effort to get some hits in on RB Tashard Choice:

Maybe it was. I never got a chance to really come here and see him, but some people did. So that is a good thing.

It is good to come out here and bang a little bit. We have to get it in. It is not a lot of contact that takes you to the ground so…

On players talking on the field: It is a lot of trash talk, especially from (Tashard) Choice. Just to get a chance to go out there and hit them a little bit is good.

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