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Transcript: Chan Gailey & Ryan Fitzpatrick

Head Coach Chan Gailey

AM Practice; August 15, 2012

Opening statement:

Before we get started I just want to say, thanks to the people at Fisher. The new field, the facilities here in general and the way they treat us—it has been a great camp in that respect. Thanks to them.

On getting the team to practice in a training camp setting:

It brings your team together where you can focus strictly on football. They are away from everything else. That is the advantage of it. I see other teams (stay home), I have done it both ways. I see advantages the other way to but this really works well for us. It is a great opportunity for us to come (here). If it was spread out all over the place, it might not be ideal. But this is one great camp setup. The best I have been in.

On if the team bonded throughout camp:

You get some (team bonding). You get most of that in the offseason nowadays. They spend so much time with each other. I think that is overrated somewhat. But I do think they hang around with each other and get to know each other better, especially some of the new guys trying to break in.

On camp not being over, just moving to Buffalo:

Yes, that is it. We still are in training camp and they understand that. We have enough veterans that they will get the word out.

On DT Kellen Heard's injury status:

Tests were negative. He fought through it (today), he was not 100-percent. He made it through practice and he will get better in the next two days. I think he will be able to play.

On why QB Ryan Fitzpatrick sparingly participated in 7-on-7 drills:

It was two-fold. Ryan had taken a bunch of throw and we wanted to get him some rest. We wanted (QB Vince Young and QB Tyler Thigpen) to make a lot of throws and further evaluation of those two guys. It was really a two-fold thing. Ryan did not throw in one-on-ones for a couple of days. We are just taking that opportunity to get them reps and to rest him.

On if OT Erik Pears is going to play against Minnesota:

We were just resting him today. We think he has a chance to make it still.

On if OT James Carmon will play:

He did not play today but we are still thinking he can play. That wrist got tweaked a little bit and we just have to make sure it calms down. I think he will be able to play Friday night.

On the plan for playing the backup QBs on Friday night:

(Equal snaps) did not happen last week. Tyler (Thigpen) got 19 and Vince (Young) got 30. We would like to stay at 20 and 20 if we can. With (Ryan Fitzpatrick) getting 20, you like to think a game is 60-something plays. Tyler may end up with a few more this week.

On if RBs C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson will be more heavily involved against Minnesota:

Yes, we are all looking forward to do more than just our base offense and just working in the no-huddle. I think everybody is excited about that. I know the two running backs are especially.

On if RB Johnny White was healthy earlier in the preseason:

He was not healthy. He had a bad foot and ankle. We are just getting him back and getting him back in a groove.

On the position battles:

Linebacker will be a very tough call. A lot of those guys are playing maybe better than we thought they would this early. They are making it tough on us, which is a good thing by the way.

On guys low on the depth chart taking advantage of the opportunity to move up:

They need to show what they can do. And really, what it boils down to, is special teams is their place to make their statement. If they can go make some plays there, that really helps their stock in our mind. And they are not only playing for us, they are playing for 31 other teams too. Everybody evaluates everybody on every squad.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick AM Practice; August 15, 2012

On if his body feels any different as camp breaks and not having two-a-days anymore:

Yes for me, I am out here poppin' every day so my arm feels a little fresher than it normally would. I know it makes a big difference with the other guys and the season is so long as it is. It is always nice coming out at training camp. I am feeling good and ready to go.  The one thing I think it helps with as well is we get a lot of the walk-throughs and meeting time that maybe we would not have if we were out there with the double days. So I think we did a nice job handling that. I think it is something the players really appreciate.

On what his impressions were of the three weeks here:
I thought we made a lot of progress. We found out some things about the younger guys and I think we are headed in the right direction offensively. There are a lot of things that we worked on, a lot of new wrinkles and I think we are doing a good job.

On if he missed some 7-on-7s this week due to him resting his arm:
Yes. Just giving me some rest and giving the other guys some reps in the 7-on-7s. That is a good time to go through your reads and make sure you are throwing to the right guy. For me, teamwork is really important - in terms of getting out there with the live rush and doing that. I wanted to make sure I focused on that and gave some of the other guys some time on 7-on-7s to get down some of the timing and throws.

On if he likes to give his arm a rest during camp:
Yes. You throw everyday and as soon as the preseason games start you start getting those off days and it becomes more and more fresh. But my arm feels good. Once you hit the season, you are not throwing every day so it is never an issue.

On if it is imperative that the first unit plays a lot better on Friday night:
We want to, but it is not make or break. I think we have that mindset that we are going to come out and we are going to be more clean in terms of the pre-snap penalties and in terms of our execution and making sure that we have the right assignments for blocking the right guys, throwing to the right guys, running the right routes, and then coming out healthy. But, we want to get some momentum going as we go into the season here so I think we expect to come out and again, we are not going to play a lot of plays but, come out and be crisp.

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