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Transcript: Choice, Fitzpatrick, Williams, Graham


RB Tashard Choice

(On stepping in today)"When I saw C.J. (Spiller) go down, I knew I had to step up and be ready to go. That's how the game is, especially at our position. Having a chance to get in and run the football, my line did a great job. It was fun to get out there and have a chance to provide and support my team in a situation like that."

(On having depth at running back) "Since I have been in the league it has always been a case of if you get a chance you have to make the most of your opportunities. With C.J. going down and having a chance to run was fun. It was good to get in a rhythm and get a chance to help my team out. I'm more comfortable to be in that situation now. Hopefully, him and Fred (Jackson) can both come back."

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

(On the impact of RB C.J. Spiller's injury)- "Yeah it did, it hurt us a little bit and we probably have to react a little bit better to that situation. That did though; it took a little bit out of us. You know, we had some penalties that slowed down the drives. We had the play where the ball slipped out of my hand; it really ended the nice drive. But yeah, it was just one thing after another after C.J. went down that kind of slowed us up. It was nice for our defense to play the way they did. To be able to continue to make some stops there and for us to get that ball back and make that long drive and get it in the end zone on (WR) Stevie's (Johnson) catch. That was a big part of the game right there."

(On the importance of the touchdown to go up by ten points)- "Yeah, and the drive before to, it was disappointing, we didn't get anything going, but we knew we had to put our foot on the gas. There was a lot of energy in the huddle. The guys were really revved up and ready to go. Our offensive line wanted us to get after those guys a little bit, run the ball a little bit and mix it up and we did. We marched it down the field. It was a heck of a job by (RB) Tashard (Choice) to step in there and do what he did today. He ran really hard, he had some really tough yards today. Hats off to him, because he really helped us out after C.J. went down."

(On dealing with adversity and getting the win)- "We won on the road; we got that monkey off our back. I think that's something negative talked about outside the locker room more than it was inside, but this is a new year and a new team. For us to really have a good team win today and feed off each other. These are the most satisfying ones, I think. It's just another step. It's our second win of the year, but it's another step in the right direction. We've got a good team to stack up these wins and keep playing."

(On what was said in the huddle before the last touchdown)- "I think he thought he had something in his nose actually. I don't know, we talked about the play and I told him what it was. Stevie's my guy. They double teamed him on that play. That's just trust that he is going to win, because there's times when they double and triple team the guy where he still wins. I knew that we had a good feeling that that's the defense they were going to be in and we knew Stevie would be able to get it."

(On how wide open Stevie was on the last touchdown)- "It was one hundred percent Stevie. That's the kind of thing. That's why Stevie makes the big bucks. We count on him to do things like that in a game and to beat the guy like he did, that's special. And we think Stevie's a special receiver and that play right there really showed why."

(On the touchdown to WR T.J. Graham)- "Yeah, and again T.J. stepping up, he made a couple big plays. The touchdown was a great play; nobody ever covered him. Then the third down where we whipped the ball out to him, he makes a nice cut off the block and picks it up on third and eight or whatever it was. He stepped up and did some good things for us today. He said last week with him, that every week we just got to get him a few more plays few more plays and he has to continue to get confidence and play well."

(On how open T.J. Graham was open on the touchdown)- "Well you know, there's two things about those. One is all the preparation and the planning that we do during the week in terms of putting those plays in and trying to figure out the best way to beat a scheme. And then, just being able to do it out there and see it and make sure they're reacting the way we think there reacting. But, that was obviously a little bit of a bust in coverage there and you got to see it, you can't miss layups. "

(On the touchdown to C.J. Spiller)- "Yeah I mean it was just a screen play. C.J.'s guy kind of got caught up in the line and then we had a great effort down the field blocking. C.J. set up some blocks really nice, but as we've seen this year and at the end of last year, when you get C.J. in space he's pretty special with the ball."

DE Mario Williams

(On RB C.J. Spiller going down early)- "Well obviously he is a big part of our offense so at that point in time we knew we had to step it up and assume a close game, which it was. He's very vital to us, and with the points we already had we knew we just had to keep that and regardless of what happens we have got to win the game on defense."

(On team's ability to respond to adversity)- "You've got to be able to come back from ups and downs. Regardless of what is happening on the field it's this play right now. This is what we have in front of us. So for us to go out and play ball with adversity striking whether it is injuries or like you said, moving the ball, them scoring, you still got to be able to put your foot down especially when it really counts, and I feel like that's what we did at the very end of this game. I mean we had fun. I mean we were out there and we knew everything was on the line, and we were light. It was like we were going to perform and do what we needed to do. Everyone was light on their toes and like I said we just bounced off one another and just played ball."

(On defense finishing strong and shutting down Browns RB Trent Richardson)- "Yeah I mean we did ok. You know we definitely had some missed tackles on him, and we should have done better. We definitely should have done better. We have to get back out there and practice and make sure we're working on our tackling and wrapping up against big strong backs like that. Overall we did ok, but like I said whenever you miss those tackles that we should have had, it could have been better. So, there is definitely work to do. "

(On getting a sack)- "Yeah it was great. You know anytime you have got to make a play to get that sack, that first sack is definitely huge during the season. It feels great, but you know it also feels better whenever you can go out and perform and you can play off one another. You can take up two blocks, you can take off three blocks, and I mean across the board they had to pick and choose the poison. I mean it was either left side they were going to, right side they were going to or whatever, but at the end of the day we played off one another and we made it happen. So I think the biggest thing for me was a sack is a sack, no matter who gets it, as long we are out there and mixing it up and we're making them change up things, making them respect this player or that player, chipping was huge. Sometimes it was double team, triple teams, when you can make an impact and affect that, I mean that's just as good because someone is going to free it up."

WR T.J. Graham

(On his contributions to the team)-"Just doing what I was supposed to do, you know. The ball came my way, I had to make plays. I dropped the ball today on a curl so that's basically what I'm trying to correct. So, that touchdown was just an open play, a good throw by Fitz (QB Ryan Fitzpatrick)."

(On his big catch on third down and his progress)-"I think anybody would've made that play to get to third down. It was just me that got the ball and I had to do what they brought me here for and I'm just happy to help out the team and get the win."

(On facing adversity when RB C.J. Spiller went down)-"That's a big loss, you know. We had to step up and make plays elsewhere, whether that be the running back, tight end, wide receiver, so those things you have to fight through. Being on the road and going through those adverse situations you have to figure out a way to come up with the win and I think we did a very good job with that today."

WR Stevie Johnson

(On touchdown catch)- "I saw that it was man coverage with nobody in the back, so it was one-on-one and I made a move on him.  I got open and he Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) found me and we got the score."

(On what he would call the move he made on the touchdown)- "It's just a shake, just get open. Fitz said in the huddle if its cover one or zero, get open.  That's basically what the coverage was and I had to make a move on the guy and get open."

(On conversation between him and Fitzpatrick during the timeout before that play)- "I was telling him how they were playing me.  But that was when I was on the outside, I didn't say anything about being inside.  Coach came on the sideline and said we have a play, if we have zero it's going to be you and him one-on-one so let see if you are going to win or if he is going to win. I ended up winning."

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