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Transcript: DE Mario Williams

DE Mario Williams

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On what Rodney Harrison had to say about him:

I don't watch TV. Never had, never will. I think I have said that about a million times in my last seven years. Everybody is going to have something to say regardless, good or bad. I can't control someone else's opinion, but I will do what I'm supposed to do here, perform and not worry about that after this first game.

On if he is disappointed in his performance:

Yea, we definitely (are) as a whole and starting off with myself. We definitely didn't do what we needed to do to win. The biggest thing was that we didn't get sacks. We got back there but if we don't get him down on the ground before he throws the ball, even if you hit him, it doesn't matter. You have to get him with the ball. Starting with myself we definitely have to put the quarterback on his back with any means necessary.

On if he was placing blame on the replacement referees for his play:

No, I mean I was just saying in general like I said I put that in a whole different category than what (I said) in my interview I guess you want to call it. I was just directing that to one instance. I wasn't saying that about holding anything back. I was just letting it known that if it is going to be like that then we will find different ways to do things. It wasn't about me and my play. I was just talking directly to the officials. That's all I was doing. It had nothing to do with my playing. I was just trying to get my point across… Like I said I have to do better than that. I have to make a hit. If I get back there once, and hit him, it has to be a sack. If I get back there twice it has to be a sack. If I get close it has to be a sack. It doesn't matter.

On what he feels he has to do better to get pressure on the quarterback:

It's nothing new. Like I said I have to go out there and put everything to the side; bumps and bruises and just play ball.

On if his wrist has affected his play:

I had a little freak deal a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was right before the regular season. But it is something like I said by any means I have to take care of it and put everything aside and get to the quarterback.

On if he is eager to make a statement in the home opener:

We are going to take it to it. No matter what we have to do to go out there and get a victory, to get sacks to get that quarterback moving, to stop the run, especially with the running game we have coming in this week we are going to do it

On his support for teammate DT Marcell Dareus: My heart goes out to Marcell (Dareus). I texted him, I wasn't going to call him. He has a lot going on. I wish him the very best, take his time and take care of that. It is detrimental not to just him, but for us with our hearts being with him and thinking about his situation.

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