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Transcript: GM Buddy Nix on QB Tarvaris Jackson


GM Buddy Nix**

Monday, August 27, 2012

On the timeline of acquiring QB Tarvaris Jackson:

To be honest, we are always trying to do the same thing. I know you guys do not like hearing the company line but we are always looking to improve. If we think we can better ourselves in a backup position or in any position really, then we will do it. The timing had a lot to do with when the guy became available. It was not like it was something you could do earlier or whatever. It was just availability and a need to see if we can get better.

On what Jackson can do that QB Vince Young could not:

Vince (Young), I do not want to get into what he can do and cannot do. It just did not work out. Vince did everything he could. He worked hard at it. He did everything we asked him to do. It just did not work. So we go another route and it is not like we are thinking that (Jackson) can do something that Vince could not do. It is just we have seen him and he has played good, at times. Consistency has been a little bit of a problem. He has bounced around a little bit but who knows, we will give it a try. We know he has the ability to do it. We will see if he can produce.

On how much Young's performance against the Steelers impacted the decision:

Again, I do not care about getting into that. I think we ought to talk about the guy that we have. Vince, again, it just did not work. It did not work out for him or us. It was not anything that he did not do. He did all he could. We just needed to move on and give this guy a try.

On when Jackson will be prepared to play in a game:

We have two weeks before we play. Actually two weeks from Sunday (yesterday). We think he can maybe play some this week. They are meeting now and he is going to practice. He has the three day rule for him, where he (cannot play in pads) but he can do everything else as far as with a helmet. He can do all those things. So we will see how far along he is. If he is ready to play Thursday night, we will give him some time.

On Jackson's strengths as a quarterback:

He is a strong armed guy, a good athlete. He has played well, like I said at times. He throws the deep ball well. A big, strong guy that we think can, athletically, do what we need to do.

On how far back his interest in obtaining Jackson dates back:

We always have kept an eye on him. I was at his workout when he came out. He worked out at Auburn. I remember very well standing there and watching him throw and going through the workout. We knew he was talented. Sometimes those guys, where they are means a lot. So timing and maybe getting in the right place and the right system—he will blossom. I hope he does.

On if the offensive system was Young's problem:

Why do we keep talking about Vince's problem? Vince is gone. Vince, it just did not work out. So we, again it does not matter about timing to us. Anytime somebody becomes available that we think has a chance of making us better, I am going to do it. You guys ought to be glad, it gives you something to write about (jokingly). Something to talk about. You have to have some material from somewhere (jokingly).

On Jackson adjusting to the Bills' offensive system:

I think there is some. I think he is very familiar with the quick passing game and getting the ball out of his hand. Hopefully there will be some carryover. Some of the things we do, do not work out like we want them to but if you do not keep trying to improve and get better, you probably will not. If it means churning that roster at any time we can make a position stronger, we will do it.

On QB Tyler Thigpen's future with the Bills and him having a chance to make the roster:

Yeah. Chan (Gailey) has said this many times, he knows what Tyler can do and we do. Tyler knows the offense very well. Right now he will play a good bit Thursday.

On why improving the team's QB depth has been a priority:

Well I know what you guys are fishing for, but you are not going to get that. So I will just say exactly how it is and then you can either accept that or make up something. (Jokingly) We spent a lot of money in the offseason. We put a lot of money into this football team. We think that we have good players and a chance to be competitive. I would not want one guy to get hurt, not be able to play and everybody else be helpless to get it done. It is a protection.

On the team carrying four QBs into the season:

Well we do not have four anymore.

On if QB/WR Brad Smith counts as a QB:

Yeah, I am (counting him too). We have four now, but Brad is working as a wide receiver now. He will be the third quarterback according to what Chan has said. I am sure that is right. Probably, you cannot carry four.

On clarifying when Jackson can practice:

He can practice, he just cannot…He can play Thursday because that will be (three days). He cannot do any pad work or anything like that which there will not be much of that this week anyways.

On if he Jackson can do individual workouts with the QBs:


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