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Transcript: HC Gailey, LT Glenn & DE Moore

HC Chan Gailey

Monday, August 20, 2012

Opening statement:

Three things need to be addressed:

First thing is Cordy Glenn will be our starting left tackle. It has just worked out with Erik Pears not getting reps. We could not have enough reps for both guys and Chris (Hairston) had to go play right tackle. Cordy has gotten most of the reps at left and has done a good job. He will be the starting left tackle.

(Secondly) Vince Young has performed well enough in the last two games to warrant more work. He will get the majority of the work with the twos this week. He will get most of the reps with the second group when they go in on Saturday night. We need to see how he can handle more game plan, more playing time and more of everything. It is not an indictment on Tyler (Thigpen), it is just Vince has done some good things. We know where Tyler is and we have to evaluate Vince more.

The third thing is, as everyone knows we released Shawne Merriman today. He was doing a good job. He was. He just was not where we thought he needed to be, as far as the other guys that are playing the position. We have a couple of young guys we wanted to get some reps and get some playing time so we made the move. You have to do that sometimes.

On what LT Cordy Glenn has shown in the last couple of weeks:

Cordy has great ability. Ability is not the issue, it is just playing time. He needs as much playing time as he can get. I think if he gets playing time he has a chance to be a really good football player. He has not done great against the two good pass rushers he has faced, but he has done OK. I think we see a great upside with him.

On what the two young guys showed him that forced him to make a decision on DE Shawne Merriman:

We just have some younger guys who are getting better at a lot of different positions. But in that defensive line in general, we have some younger guys who are pushing. We felt like with the three good guys we really like and that are really playing well right now, we could afford to do this and maybe develop a young guy.

On if overall Merriman was a disappointment:

No. He did a great job of fighting back from where he was. He did an outstanding job of that. I have to give him a lot of credit. It would have been easy to bail. It really would have. He will probably go help somebody this year. I think he would rather be in a 3-4 (defense), I think he would. Hopefully that will work out for him.

On the team's pass rush overall:

OK, we can be better. We have gotten more pressure with four than we have done in the past. I am pleased but not excited with it.

On if QB Vince Young has been awarded anything:

No. He has the edge or I would not have given him more reps. He has made more things happen. You have to give him credit for that. We have to see how much he can handle. Have to see if he can handle the whole load because once you get to the season, he will not get many reps. We have to find out how he can handle all of this.

On whom the two young guys are the team likes at defensive end:

We have a couple of young guys.

On where RT Erik Pears stands:

They did some more tests on him and it was nothing major. We are going to hold him this week, let him get well and hopefully he will be back for the next week.

On if he expects Pears to play in the season opener:

Yeah, I expect him to be around. Whether he gets enough reps to start, I do not know. I expect him to be around.

On if it could be OT Chris Hairston on the right side:

Yes, for now.

On what stood out on the film from the Minnesota game:

One thing I was pleased with was our pass rush with four down. I think we got some good pressure on them. I was displeased with allowing big plays. We cannot allow big plays defensively. We get them in a hold and let them out. You cannot do that to be a great defense, which I think we can be. And then offensively, we made a couple of plays but we have to be more consistent. That comes with our offensive line working together more and getting everybody in tune. We just have to keep working the process. The process is the important thing.

On if there was a common thread on the Vikings' big gains:

No. It was not a common thread. Sometimes it was a pass. Sometimes it was a run.

On how important the next couple of weeks are for Glenn:

Very big for (Andy Levitre) and him to continue to line up next to each other and continue to create communication. That is the big thing.

On what Young has done, aside from his big throw to WR T.J. Graham at Minnesota:

He made a check in the game that was a big check. He got the throw down to the two-yard line. There were a couple little things that he has done. Production is a part of the game, a big part of the game. Like I said, you have to give him credit.

On the safeties calling defensive plays:

We did not like that very much, I do not think. I think we are going to go back to the linebackers. The safeties did a good job of calling it but they just have too far to go after they call it so we are going to let the linebackers do it.

On FB Dorin Dickerson's status

He will be lucky to get back to practice Wednesday. If he cannot make practice Wednesday he probably will not be able to play this week.

On what it says about the team's defense that they can let a player like Merriman go:

I think we have some good football players and I think that our defensive end position is so much stronger than it has been in the past—since I have been here in particular. I am excited about where we are headed defensively with our personnel and with our scheme.

On DE Mark Anderson not practicing:

No. He has the same thing Pears has got. We are just holding him. We are going to hold him and let him get well. He has been fighting that groin for about three weeks now. We are just going to rest him.

On what Dickerson injured:

Thigh bruise, flexor or something like that.

LT Cordy Glenn

Monday, August 20, 2012

On what areas he has improved in that led HC Chan Gailey to name him the starting LT:

It is kind of hard to say. I think, overall, everything has gotten better. Taking everything coaches have to say, practicing and putting it on the field. Whatever (Coach Joe D'Alessandris) is telling me in meetings or when we are walking through things, listening to what he is telling me because I know that is what I need to get better at. That is what I have been trying to do.

On what being named the starter means for him going forward:

I don't think it really changes anything. It is a business. I still have to do my job, perform well and help this team out.

On if he would have been disappointed not being named the starter:

I am a team player. I am just trying to help this team out anyway I can.

On when he was told:

I am really not putting that much (thought) into it. I am just trying to keep it simple. Just trying to get better.

On where he thinks he is at:

I think I have made strides. I have gotten better with each preseason game. I am still not where I need to be. I am just going to keep working and keep getting better. Keep buying into everything that coach tells me. Just trying to help out this team.

DE Kyle Moore

Monday, August 20, 2012

On his opportunity at the defensive end position:

Obviously I am getting a little opportunity with the release of Shawne (Merriman), one of my friends. I can obviously see that I have a great opportunity to come out here and make plays for the Buffalo Bills. I am going to take it.

On what he has shown that helped HC Chan Gailey give him this opportunity:

I am a hard worker and I am a smart player as well. With the guidance of Coach Wannstedt and everybody, just coming out here and executing my plays. Just showing them that I can come out here day after day. I have to show them that I can give great effort and just make plays out there on the field.

On how exciting it is to get this opportunity: It is a blessing. For me to get cut last year to making the team (being here) this year, it is a blessing. Last year was a humbling experience. I definitely will not take this one for granted at all.

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