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Transcript: Head coach Chan Gailey


On focusing on the run early on:

That was a plan for this week. May not be next week but this was the plan this week. They were playing a defense that allowed us to have pretty good matchups in the run game out of certain personnel groups. We wanted to go take advantage of it, so that is what we did. I thought our guys were pretty physical coming off the football and we were able to establish the run game extremely well early in the ball game.

On getting some identity going offensively:

That is what we would rather be. We would rather be a physical run team that throws it when they have to or throws it on surprise situations. That is what we would rather be. We will continue to work down this path as much as we can. Some weeks they do not allow you to do that. They overload the box and you have to go throw it. We understand that.

On what he said to the team to get them over the Jets loss:

I address it. It is not like I do not talk about it. I just told them in the dressing room right now. Last week everybody was kicking dirt on you and this week they are going to put you on a little bit of a pedestal. And neither one is true. You have to keep your steady mindset. 24-hours and we have to get ready to go to Cleveland. You cannot get too high with the highs or too low with the lows or you will end up playing on emotions more than you should. We have to go look at where we want to go and keep our focus on where we want to go. Do not let that stuff distract you. We are humans, we hear it and we understand it but you try to just take it with a grain of salt.

On if it is nice to see the entire team show up this week:

This was kind of the opposite. The special teams made big plays, the defense made some big plays. We got five sacks today. Things like that—three turnovers and five sacks, you will win a bunch of football games if you keep doing that. We can run the football. We have a chance to be a pretty good football team.

On the cornerbacks being more aggressive:

Yes. That was by design. We wanted to be more physical out there on the edges. Play tighter coverage. We gave up one or two but they were much more physical on the outside and they took it to heart.

On how much better the offensive and defensive lines played:

I do not have that answer other than to say our guys understood exactly what we were trying to get done this week. I think we came out to play more physical this week. We came out to play physical last week but we did not get it done. I thought the matchups were favorable this week as well.

On the heart DT Marcell Dareus showed:

It is amazing and I am proud of our football team for rallying around him. It is not easy what he is going through and the situation he finds himself. So that is impressive on his part individually and to me impressive about our football team and the way they have reacted and helped.

On how Dareus' shoulder is:

I think he is fine. He played some in the second half with it. It is going to be sore but he is going to be OK.

On if there were any other injuries:

Not really. There were a couple little bangs, bruises and bumps but I think we came out healthy in this game.

On if OT Cordy Glenn got hurt:

He twisted (his ankle) when we scored the touchdown that C.J. (Spiller) went around the left end and (Cordy Glenn) ran around all the way out there in front of him. He rolled it a little bit and it bothered him, but nothing more than a normal ankle. He will be fine.

On if Glenn was kept out because of the score:

Yeah, we were just trying to play everybody.

On the defense showing what it could do:

We gave up some cheap yards and some cheap runs there at the end so the stats look awful, but I thought we played really well. The goal line stand was as big as anything in the ball game. I thought that was huge. That is what you keep talking to them about. Keep fighting, just keep fighting.

On if he envisioned RB C.J. Spiller being this dynamic:

I knew he could be. I did not know whether it would happen or not. I would like to tell you 'oh sure I saw that,' but it would be a lie. I did not see it happening like this. I knew it was capable of happening, but I did not know it would.

On Glenn's play today:

I need to watch the film. I know they did not get any sacks, but we did not have to throw it. (We threw it) what 19 times? That was pretty good, when you do not have to throw it a lot it helps your pass protection.

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