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Transcript: Heinlen on DB Ron Brooks

On the merit of taking a cornerback who played at LSU with the likes of M. Claiborne and P. Peterson:

Not so much in the evaluation, but you can see what kind of competitive nature this kid has. In the fact that he's behind back-to-back Thorpe winners, another corner is a finalist for the Heisman, but he finds ways to get on the field, and when he's on the field he makes plays. You never hear him complain about anything, he just goes out and minds his business and works everyday at practice and in games, and when he gets a chance to play he's productive.

On if the Bills see him as a slot-cornerback:

That's going to be up to coach. He can play both. It's a matter of finding out where he's going to get the reps at practice to start. I'm sure we'll probably start him at one spot and work from there as to build him where he's going to be. Special teams, he's an ace there. As a cover-guy, he's always the first guy down the field. He's very physical in his play. He does not shy away from any contact. As a jammer, he makes it really tough for those guys to get down and cover.

On where he played during pass situations at LSU:

On the obvious pass situations he was the nickel rush corner on the inside. They had some corners get suspended at points this year and he played outside corner. (Against) Ole Miss, Auburn, he played on the outside and was very productive there, having interception returns for touchdowns in both games and a forced fumble.

On his speed:

He was sub 4.4, 4.38 I believe.

On where he has improved the most over his college career:

You saw it through the course of the season this year. When I went in there originally, I was at the Oregon game to start the season and went in that week to watch tape and he pops out on special teams, so as the season went on, you're trying to find more tape to watch him as a corner. As the season progressed, they found more ways to get him on the field. Towards the end of the season they had a couple guys get dinged up, and when he played he was productive so they found more ways to get him on the field from there. You could see the progression as he played more the better he got, so you were able to see the ascension of his play and hopefully it should continue on through as he gets here.

On how amazing the talent LSU has:

It is. It's fun to watch their tape, especially on defense. You see these guys and you have to go and continually check their roster to see who's who because they rotate so many guys in and out of their lineup. They all stand out. There are guys flying around the field making plays and you going 'Who's that guy? Ok, well he's a sophomore, I can't watch him anymore ,' but they stand out. You're hoping to find guys like Ron Brooks who keeps making plays and then you look and go 'Oh, this guy's a senior, great. Let's keep an eye on this guy and see where he goes.' It's one of those things, at that school, it's good and bad. For Ron it's bad because he's not getting as much play, where if he goes to just about any other school in the country he's a starting corner and he's been there for a couple years. But because he's at LSU he's competing with the best of the best on a daily basis. They may not have enough time to get him snaps in games; there are just not enough positions.

On not getting to make many plays on the ball at LSU:

When he had a chance to actually play on the outside this year, it was towards the end of the season, Auburn game was a big game, Ole Miss, and the times they actually threw at him, he had interceptions, he had PBU's (pass breakups), a couple forced fumbles. So you get to see him actually do those things and you see he's got a chance if he continues to progress to actually be, he's got starter capabilities as an athlete. To watch him stick his foot in the ground and close, you almost want to equate it to like a Jaguar chasing something. He is so instant from when he puts his foot in the ground to close to the ball, it's just amazing to see a guy with that kind of explosive talent and athletic ability.

On his work ethic:

Very good kid, hard worker, goes about his business. He'll fit in great in the locker room.

On if he played 50% of the plays this year for LSU:

Somewhere in that area, yes. Because most teams, except for the Alabama games because they're usually lined up too tight so they have bigger guys in there obviously, but the rest of the teams they play are going to try and spread it out, so they have three or four DB's on the field at a time there. He would be in those situations.

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