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Transcript: Justin Rogers

On if his experience at Richmond has prepared him for the NFL:

I think it definitely did.  Being at Richmond I got to play against a lot of good teams and a lot of competition, so hopefully it will translate into the NFL also.

On how he transformed his body from when he was a 140 lb. recruit:

It was just part of my work ethic when I got to college.  I got on the weight program and just started focusing on lifting weights hard and really focusing on my diet.  It came pretty easy after that.

On his high interception numbers from college:

Being a defensive back, one of the things you want to do is get your hands on the ball, so I just try to do that as much as possible and cover the receivers up.

On if he knew the Bills were interested:

I remember speaking to the scout you just spoke of. I kind of knew a little bit from the meeting with him.  But other than that, I didn't know too much. I appreciate the opportunity.

On his skill set as a defensive back:

Throughout my career, I did and was asked to do pretty much all of it: play press, play off and things like that.  I was mostly out on the edges and on the boundary of the field. I played both, but I moved in and played a little bit of slot also towards the later part of my career in the nickel package.

On what he ran at the combine:

I think it was like a 4.44 or something like that.

On how far along he is in school toward his degree and what his major is:

Graduated.  Criminal justice. 

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