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Transcript: Michael Jasper

On how he feels after being drafted in the 7th round:

This is a blessing.  I didn't think it was going to happen. It's a dream come true and this is where I want to be, so I'm ecstatic man!

On his football intelligence and if it came easy to diagnose things on the fly:

I had a small inkling, but coming from a small school, they had the most interest. But for them to actually put it into action, it's a big deal.

On if he spoke with someone from the Bills:

Yes sir, I've met Matt Hand and C.J. Leak, but I've been in contact with Matt quite a bit throughout this whole process and throughout the whole journey. He came in and worked me out and everything.

On if he feels his run or pass blocking is any better than the other:

My size and explosiveness. And I'm quick off the ball.  I did what they asked me to do. I was at 448 lbs. at one point, and they asked me to get under 400 pounds and I did what they asked me to do. I got to 378 lbs., and the speed and quickness has come along with it.

On how he shed 70 lbs.:

I weighed in at 448 lbs. in January and it's just been a lot of dedication and hard work.  To be honest, just watch what you eat, drink water and treat your body right and it's not that hard.

On what weight he played in college:

Anywhere from 430-440 lbs.

On if he spent time at right tackle:

I ended up playing two years at Bethel. I sat out one year on academic probation because of the transfer.  I started off on defense for them in a 3-4 but we had some issues on the offensive side of the ball. And coach asked me to switch over and I gladly did it. I started at guard for him for two years and I'm just excited to get back to where I belong on the defensive side of the ball.

On why he prefers playing of defense:

It's in the trenches. It's me versus you. There's no help really. You've got to beat your man, you've got to control your gap and you've got to do your job to be successful and I like that pressure.  On the offensive side of the ball, it's a lot of X's and O's, a lot of double-teams and a lot of help and really depending on another person, but on defense you've got to depend on yourself to do your job to be successful.

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