Transcript: Minicamp Day One Recap

On why they signed free agent QB Vince Young:

We're always looking to try to improve our team, to get deeper and to get more competition. That's what this is. It's a competition for the backup quarterback job. Not the starter. Obviously I've said that 100 times. He knows it. That's the way it is. It's just to try to get us better.

On where he sees Young now given his lack of production last year:

Let me just say this to start with: He won't be a distraction here and neither will anybody else. It may start out but it won't last. I promise you. That's not a problem. I think he is a guy that with our - we've got two of the best quarterback coaches in the business starting with Coach Gailey and then David Lee - those guys are good teachers. They will (have him) do what he can do best and trust me he's a big, good athlete. You know he can do a lot of things for you.

On what was attractive about Young:

The guy's been to two Pro Bowls and he's 31-19 as a starter in this league. We think he can do that again. If he has to play he can give us a chance to win the game or at least this, he will make Tyler (Thigpen) better. One of them will be better. So that will make our team better.

On if he has any concerns about bringing in a high profile No. 2 quarterback:

If I did, I wouldn't have done it.

On how his meetings went when he came for his visit:

He was very good. I remember I saw Vince practice as a freshman at Texas so it goes way back. But I've always admired his ability and the things he can do. I think our guys will get him more accurate and help him as far as not turning the ball over.

On if this decision speaks at all to his confidence in QB Tyler Thigpen:

No, it doesn't. We do that at every position and not any more than it speaks for Chris Hairston at LT. I mean, if we can put, if we can have competition at every position we'll do it.

On if QB Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't play well the first few games, will Young will play in his place:

Don't even start that. Our second quarterback will play if something happens to Ryan, whoever that is.

Head Coach Chan Gailey

Friday, May 11, 2012

On what he likes about QB Vince Young:

Buddy (Nix) does all the evaluations. I didn't look at him to be honest with you. I watched him play earlier in his career and he had done some great things. He thought that was a great guy for us to bring in because we've talked all along of wanting to continually try to bring in guys that can compete for jobs. And he can compete for a job. I'm looking forward to working with him.

On what he sees as Young's best strength:

He's got a great arm. When he worked out here he threw it very well. Everybody knows his mobility. He brings you that and he's won football games in the NFL, that's another positive.

On how he can keep Young on a straight line and how they know that that can happen:

If anybody, not just him, if anybody doesn't want to get in to the system and work like our guys work and pay attention like our guys pay attention, if you're a distraction, you're a distraction all the time. You can't play. It doesn't matter who you are. If you're a distraction, you can't play.

On how Young fits in to what they do on offense:

We tend to fit the offense around what people do. We don't make people fit in to our offense. If he ends up, if we get an injury to Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and he ends up playing we'll tailor some things to do what he does using his movement skills.

On if he sees Young playing in the Wildcat:

Right now, I haven't even had him here. It's hard to say what a guy might do. When he gets here we'll teach him the basics and go from there. There's no telling what he can do.

On what he remembers about Young when he was coming out of Texas:

Oh sure. I think everybody was (fascinated). I think everybody thought that.

On if he's surprised Young's career hasn't gone the way people thought it would:

I don't know. I don't know any of the circumstances surrounding what happened. All I know is he's a talented guy that said all the right things when he was here. So I'm looking forward to working with him.

On his initial impressions on rookie WR T.J. Graham:

He caught the ball well. To be honest with you he's exactly what we thought. He's a raw route runner. He can run fast. He can catch a football. I'm anxious to see how he can develop as time goes on.

On if he got a chance to see the offensive linemen he took in the draft:

We look better in the huddle. They are big men. They can move. I didn't watch them. I watched everybody piecemeal. I probably watched T.J. more than anybody just because I hang around the quarterback and hang around the receivers more than anybody else. But I tried to watch all the guys a little bit today and the little I saw it looked like they can move pretty well. We'll go upstairs, watch film and evaluate through the weekend. And we'll see how much they can retain because knowledge is a big part of this thing. How much can they learn and how fast they can get it.

On what the coaches' objectives are for this weekend:

You try to see the effort that a guy gives. You want to see if a guy is a lazy guy or if he is a worker. You're trying to figure that out. You try to figure out does a guy retain what you teach him. Can he hold own from day one to day two what you taught him day one and add on day two, so you're looking at that. And those are the two main tings. They're talented guys or they wouldn't be here to start with. So they've got talent. It's a matter of trying to evaluate right off the bat. What level of talent a little bit, but really work ethic and retention.

On if he wants to get the players up to a certain speed for OTA's:

A lot of it is installation but we've got a quite a while till OTA's. We've got two and half more weeks till OTA's. I'm not worried about getting them ready for that right now. I'm just worried about seeing what they can handle in this short period of time.

On how tryout QB Alex Tanney looked:

He did some good things. First day for any quarterback is hard. I don't care who you are, but he did some good things. I like his quick throwing motion. He seems to have a strong arm. He seemed to pick up things fairly well. We'll see how the rest of the weekend goes.

On what interested him in Tanney:

I had never seen the video, still haven't by the way. The video I saw was football and that I heard about was football. Then we had some reports from when he was working out after his year. The things that he was doing and we liked what we heard so see if we can get him in here and let him compete.

On rookie QB Aaron Corp:

Same thing. I'll be honest with you I didn't watch him on film a lot. You go on the scout's words that, "Hey this is the best guy to come in here and compete." He looked like he's got some talent. He's got some size and he's got some talent. He picked it up as well, too. Those two guys are pretty even walking off the field today in my mind, but I'll go watch film and I may change my mind.

CB Stephon Gilmore

Friday, May 11, 2012

On how his first day went:

It went pretty good. I'm learning most of my plays and just trying to work on my technique. But today went pretty good.

On if he felt comfortable:

Yea, I felt pretty good. It was my first day back on the field actually guarding people since probably my Bowl game, so I felt pretty good. I'm just trying to get my feet wet and compete.

On getting his hands on the receivers:

Most of the time, I tried to use my speed and run with receivers. But if I get my hands on him I think I'll be  a better player.

On if using his hands is a new technique:

Yes, sir.

On the physical side of the game and using his strength:

I'm a physical player and I like to play physical. Like you said, I have to keep reminding myself to be physical with receivers and I'll be alright.

On how challenging it is to digest the playbook:It isn't challenging. It's like school. You have to keep going over it, keep writing down and studying in the room. I think I'll be alright if I keep doing that.

On if it's hard to keep reminding himself to use his strength:

No, it's not difficult because if you want to be good you'll keep reminding yourself. I think I'm going to keep reminding myself and get better every day.

On if he feels all the eyes are on him being the first-round pick:

I feel like I'm in the same boat as them. I have to go out there, compete and try to get on the field. So I think I'm in the same boat and that's what I'm going to do.

On getting his hands on the ball and making an interception today:

It felt good. I just try to go out, compete every day, try to get my hands on the ball and learn stuff from the coaches and go from there.

On if he was nervous being out on the field today:

I'm not nervous. You still have to go out there and play football. I've been doing it all my life, so it's not really nerves. I'm just trying to get to know my teammates and coaches a little bit more and study film. I think I'm adjusting pretty well and I'm going to keep working hard.

On the first time putting on a Bills helmet:

It sunk in a lot with the blue and red on. It felt good and I'm happy to be a Bill.

On his goals for this weekend:

Keep learning my plays, working on technique and that's about it.

On what things he wants coaches to see about his game this weekend and if it feels good to being with the rookies for first time here:

I haven't been actually guarding people since my Bowl game so being out there with the rookies, getting my feet wet and working on my technique is going to help against the vets. I'm going to learn from the vets and try to get better that way.

On what he hops his role will be in September:

On the field competing. That's what I'm going to do and whatever I can do to help the defense win and try to make plays.

T Cordy Glenn

Friday, May 11, 2011

On his first exposure to OL coach Joe D'Alessandris on the field:

He's an o-line coach so it wasn't anything like I never seen. I just went out there, tried to compete and take care of everything he tried to teach me how to do.

On the 'sit' commands:

It's just to keep good muscle memory in your head as good habits.

On getting snaps at left tackle:

Honestly I'm just out here trying to help this team out and compete. I wouldn't put anything into it.

On how difficult this weekend is to absorb information:

It's a Rookie camp. Nobody here knows anything really so everybody is in the same boat right now.

On what he's trying to accomplish this weekend:

Let the coaches get a good evaluation and see where I'm at so far, what I need to work on and where they need to help me.

On if he feels more experienced than some of the other rookies considering the number of college games he played in:

That was college. This is another level. It's good to have all of that experience. But it's still another step, a new process and I'm just trying to learn as much as I can to help out this team.

On the team targeting him as a potential left tackle:

I'm not upstairs. I'm just out here playing football.

On how comfortable he was on the field today:

It's been awhile since I played football, so I'm trying to get a little rust off. But I felt pretty good out there.* *

WR T.J. Graham

Friday, May 11, 2012

On what his impression is after Day 1 in the NFL:

It's pretty fun. I had a lot of fun competing, putting on a uniform, coming out and playing. The hardest thing today was kind of figuring out the concepts. There are really a lot of different playbooks. Coming out trying to learn on the fly was pretty tough but it was pretty fun just getting out and finally playing football because the last couple of months have been kind of tough just training, training and training. So it's fun to finally get to football; the game that you love.

On if it was tough being tentative out at practice:

Of course. It's the first time you're playing in front of coaches. You're trying to make a good impression amongst your coaches and your peers. Just doing all that and trying to satisfy yourself, your standards that you set up. It's just fun. You've got to take advantage of everything.

On working on his route running and how to approach that:

It was similar the same way going into college but I worked at it. I used the offseason to get better, to I guess improve my craft, so I have some work to do.

On WR Coach Bob Bicknell's approach with them to not overload them:

He's kept it simple. He hasn't tried to give us too much. He's gone a little in depth a couple times but he's not trying to confuse us. He's given us a simple game plan so we could figure it out and build off of that. He's used lots of examples of the veteran guys and guys that we've seen play. And he's given us those examples and we feed off of that and build off of that. We're going to view it tomorrow and we'll work off of that.

On how fun it is being the fastest guy on the field usually:

Sometimes I'm tired so sometimes I might not be the fastest guy. But it's pretty fun. But I'm not the only one that knows that so sometimes you have to work a little hard because the defense is going to play you a little differently and they're going to play deeper and faster every time you step on the field. So times when I have raw routes, I have to improve those and make them crisp and really nice because they're going to bring their 'A' game.

On if he ever has to slow himself down:

Yeah when we have zone reads. I can't run through the zone too fast because the quarterback can't read it.

On the kinds of goals he has set for himself this weekend:

Learn the playbook. I'm a perfectionist so I like to be perfect. I'm harder on myself more than anybody else. Learn the plays. I know I can run and do everything else so learning the plays would be the toughest thing so that's my goal.

QB Alex Tanney

Friday, May 11, 2012

On how he felt out at practice:

It was fun to strap on the helmet and get back out there. It seems like the past few months have just been all training. It was good. Just trying to pick up as much as I can and learn the offense.

On coming from a Division III school and seeing those kinds of guys succeed on the Bills roster:

Not only him (Fred Jackson), but you look at the other guys that have had success recently; Pierre Garcon, Cecil Shorts, Andy Studebaker, those types of guys; they're starting to look at those lower level guys. You really do have a chance. That's all I wanted was an opportunity to come to camp and I've been given that.

On if working out with QB Chad Pennington, who was coached by Bills QB coach David Lee, had any influence on his decision to tryout in Buffalo:

Coach Pennington's really helped me out during the process. He kind of teaches the same things that Coach Lee preaches. That was kind of a jump start. He's really helped me out and I've been in contact with him throughout the entire process so yes, definitely.

On if he's frustrated that he's known as the viral video guy and not for his college breaking records:

Yeah, but that's expected coming from a small school. We're not on ESPN every week so people really aren't going to know those types of things. Everybody gives me grief about the video but I just accept it I guess since I posted it. It went viral and there's nothing I can do. I'm here to play football not throw trick shots.

On if he initially made the video to get recognized by NFL teams:

That was not the intention one bit. We didn't expect it to blow up. It was just me and my buddies having some fun after working out. It was not my intention.

On if anyone taught him how to do the tricks from the video:

I've been a coach's son. I grew up around the game. I've been playing quarterback since a little kid so I've never done stuff like that before. It was just spur of the moment and it took off.

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