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Transcript: Nigel Bradham Conference Call

On his reaction to being picked by the Bills:

I am ecstatic right now. It just seems so unreal just to have this opportunity. I am just so happy.

On why getting drafted to the Bills feels unreal:

It has been a dream and then to be able to actually have the opportunity to live that after all the hard work you put in and after everything you have been through in life. To be able to have the opportunity to help your family and contribute in any kind of way you can to your new organization.

On if there has been any particular adversity he has overcome:

Not really. Nothing crazy. Pretty much just grew up with a single mom. I had one sibling, an older brother. He has been in and out of prison, so I actually have seen him go through a lot of situations.

On if that adversity makes the day even more special:

It is definitely an extra special day. Words cannot really explain how special this is to me.

On how much incentive he has to take advantage of this opportunity:

I am definitely going to do that and put everything I can into it. I put my heart into this game. I am glad I am a part of the Bills organization now, just being able to have the opportunity to show that and to contribute and go out there to win games.

On his passion for special teams:

I feel special teams are just as important as defense. It has the ability to change the game so every time I go out there I feel like it is a great opportunity. I just play with a lot of passion because I have so much love for the game. I just want to be able to make a play to change the game.

On his leadership style:

Early on when I first got to Florida State I was more of a lead by example type. As I got a little older and earned respect from my teammates, I became the vocal leader being able to take control of the defense, calling all the calls and checks that we had to make. I pretty much just took it from there being able to lead by example and have the ability to be vocal.

On if his leadership is why he got moved to inside linebacker at Florida State:

Yes sir. I knew the defense so by me playing well it helped everyone else who was around me and being able to communicate with them.

On where is home:

Crawfordville, Florida.

On what his image of Buffalo is:

All I know is snow.

On his degree of exposure to the Bills before the draft:

I only had one sit-down with them at the Combine. That was it. I never got a call, had a visit or anything. I definitely did not know I was on their draft board.

On if he feels comfortable at any of the linebacker spots:

I have experience at both. I have the ability to play both and be successful at inside or out. It pretty much just depends on where the coach puts me and feels is the best fit for the defense.

On if he expected this after being a top recruit out of high school:

It's definitely a big dream for me. I had my mind set on it and it is accomplished now. So now with that opportunity I just have to make the best of it.

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