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Transcript: Nix, Williams, Gilmore at Training Camp


Training Camp Check-In – Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On how this year's training camp is another way for the Bills to take the next step after a big offseason:

Obviously the offseason acquisitions helped, but I still think it was time for us. If we had not gotten Mario (Williams) and Mark (Anderson) it would have still been time to start winning some games. We've done some things right, I think, and we've probably made some mistakes along the way. But it's time to close it out and win some games and until we do it is not complete.

On the increased sense of urgency and "must win" attitude heading into this season:

I don't think anything has changed as far as the way we look at things and our attitude about things. But I do think we are realistic enough to know that the first year or two we did not have enough depth and enough playmakers to make a difference and probably contend all the way through the year. But I think the feeling is different now and I think we do.

On how much deeper this team is now than at the beginning of camp last year:

Goodness, a lot. It is a lot different. We have good depth at most positions. The one place I am a little concerned is our depth at safety. We've got three guys and we would like to have four that can play, but other than that I think we are pretty deep.

On whether the experts are right about this year's Bills being a team to watch out for:

Well I hope so. You go as long as we have without winning and I think a lot of people pull for you. But I still think it's basic with us: it's hard work, we try to have everybody work hard and stay focused on what we have to do and stay out of trouble and we have been fortunate with that. I don't want to say too much, I might jinx us. But so far it has been good and I think everybody is looking at the same goal. I believe losing and not being in contention throughout the year will be a huge disappointment, for all of us anyway. 

On what he is eager to watch for during training camp:

I think the biggest thing is like you guys have written about all along you would like to see how the wide receivers shake out and how the backup quarterback shakes out. I think left tackle that battle will be something to watch also. And I feel good about our secondary, but I think those are the things with the guys you've mentioned before.

On which young 2nd- and 3rd-year players he expects to start making a larger impact this season:

You are probably referring mainly to (Torell) Troup and (Alex) Carrington and it is time for both of those guys to do it. It is their third year. Injuries have been a big factor with Troup. If he can stay healthy I think he'll be a factor. And Carrington is now in a position inside where he can get as big, he's a big guy anyway, but he needs to get as big as he wants to and be able to carry it, so I think all that will help them. But those are the main two probably.

On what players may see limited practice time as a physical precaution:

(Mike) Caussin will start the year on PUP (Physically Unable to Perform). We have known that all along and that was our mindset. We think it will be a big plus in six-to-nine weeks. If we need a H-Back or another tight end we have one right there and we don't have to go out and hunt one, so that part will be a plus. Other than him, I think everybody will be ready to go. A guy like Eric Wood, we are not going to overdo it with him and Chan's (Gailey) said that all along. We are not going to push him. He is going to start practice, he will do everything, but he may not practice every day.

On whether Troup is in a similar situation as Wood:

Hopefully he is not. When he left here we watched him hitting the sled and doing all those things and it looked like he was ready to go.

On this year being a big year for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:

Oh absolutely, we can only run so long. We have to step up and it is time.

On whether Fitzpatrick is capable of stepping up to that challenge:

Yes he is capable. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances and reasons we had the skid we had last year, but without making any excuses we have to make sure that does not happen again. The first year we go on an eight-game losing streak and the second year we go on a seven-game losing streak. You cannot let that happen. In the locker room somebody has to step up and put a stop to that. I think if we can stay healthy Fitz will do fine.

On if safety is a position where he will be watching young players more carefully:

Again, the three – Da'Norris Searcy, (Jairus) Byrd and George (Wilson) are three veteran guys. Now here is what we do not want to do:  I would rather not have to move somebody back there if we have somebody hurt, I think that is unfair to them. Sometimes you have to do it and we may have to do it. But it is really unfair to them and it is unfair to our team. If we can be alert here on waivers and whatever is available we might bring in a safety. 


Voluntary Training Camp Check-In – Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On arriving to Camp:

I am excited to be here and get started and just stay out of trouble. We will get started here pretty quick and get to work.

On if he'll be on a 'day on, day off' routine for camp returning from an injury:

Not leading up, but we'll see as things get going. When we put pads on we get a little more physical and start putting a little strain on it and we will see where it goes. I do not see that happening. I feel pretty good right now.

On a different atmosphere this year:

Well like you said, training camp, the first day here when everybody is checking in, there is reason to be excited. Everybody is starting on the same foot. I feel like we are a few steps ahead of where we have been in the past… with guys that we have added and some experience that we have that has been here, so I think that is a lot of the reason for the excitement. As far as culture and anything like that I do not necessarily know that much about culture. I know that we have invented better players in some different spots. But as far as guys coming out here, going to work and playing on the line every day when we go into practice and being a better football team I think we have had that. I think now we just added some guys that are some really good players.

On setting a new tone from last season:

Obviously when we come in we are going to have a new defense going in. We have gone through some of that during OTAs and mini-camp with new players coming in. When you get here, you are totally involved with football. There is nothing else going on. We are here, we start early, we end late and it is all about football from the beginning of the day until the end of the day where you do not have that in OTAs, mini-camp or really in the regular season. It is good to be here and to set a foundation. When we go in and talk as a defense, we have to be very clear about where we want to go. We have good players but things can look good on paper but they (sometimes) do not pan out on the field. Things do not pan out on the field unless you lay it on the line here in training camp. When you get here, you get to work and you put the kind of work in that you need to get in to be successful.

On the importance of focusing on the small things:

I think the process is the most important thing that we have as a team or as a football player. If you get called up looking at the end game you miss what builds a team. When we get here, we are going to have chances to bond, practice and play together. But we are going to be here for four weeks… We are going out in different defenses every day. The offense is going to put in new plays. We are going to be put in different positions by the coaches, down and distance, red zone whatever they may be. We have to focus in on our job that day and work on it the best way that we can. And the next day something is going to be different and then when we get to the games, it is the same old thing. I think guys know that when you get to camp you have to take it one day at a time and then when you get in the season its one game at a time so we have a long way to go. We are at our starting point but I think we have a lot of good guys who know how to work and are not scared of it.


Voluntary Training Camp Check-In – Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On moving in on first day of camp:

It feels like when I moved to Buffalo for the first time. I tried to get here a little early just to see where I am at and see where I got to go. It has been pretty good so far.

On bringing anything special to camp:

No, the only thing I really need is myself. I just came up here to get ready and get to know my team a little more and just get ready to play football.

On expectations at training camp:

To come out here and compete and do what I do on the field and work hard and listen to the coaches and get better as a football player.

On the preparation from the past two weeks leading up to training camp:

I think it got me up getting stronger and faster and working hard and learn the playbook a little bit more and I think it helped me out to prepare me to have a great camp.

On main focus on past 2 weeks: classroom or conditioning?

It was more of conditioning but I took it to the classroom and more of myself  and like I said it prepared us physically to come out and compete in camp.

On anticipating a restless night:

I think I might get eight (hours of sleep), I mean I just do not think I can get no sleep. As long as I come out here and work hard and I don't worry about anything and do what I do on the field.

On bringing anything special:

I brought my bible I mean that's the only thing I think I really need. I am close to God, so that is probably the only thing I brought.

On bringing a TV:

Yea I did bring my own TV. I talked to some players and they told me to bring a mattress so I did that because some players said their necks hurt last year.

On preference of TV:

I wanted a flat screen TV in my room and just watch TV in my room and go from there. 

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