Transcript: Ron Brooks Conference Call

On getting picked by the Bills:

I'm just excited to finally know where I'm going and come to a good organization like the Buffalo Bills. It's a lot of weight off my shoulders now and I'm just excited and ready to get to work.

On never missing a game in his college career at LSU:

I always try to take care of my body. I feel like I'm more competitive and I didn't want to miss anything. That's how competitive I am. I feel like my record shows that about me, not missing any games my whole entire collegiate career. I think that speaks volumes for me.

On where he spent most of his time lining up in the backfield:

Most of my time I spent lining up inside, rushing the passer, blitzing and covering slot receivers. That's where I spent most of my time doing things.

On playing with such high profile cornerbacks:

My focus wasn't being one of the guys to get all the publicity and get all the shine. My thing was to go out there, play hard, do what I love to do and try and help my team win. That's always been my mindset. It's not about me being in the limelight. I'm just one of those guys; I'm all about winning for my team. Whether or not I've got the shine really wasn't a big priority to me.

On his experience playing on special teams:

I pretty much played on every special teams unit except for field goal kicks. I played in all positions and I feel like that will be one thing that really helps me coming up to Buffalo; my ability to play gunner, punt return, kick return or wherever I'm needed really. I've had experience playing at all (positions) so it shouldn't be a hard transition for me to learn and get up to speed up there.

On playing with some of the top cornerback prospects and how much it helped playing with them and learning from them:

Just having that level of competition day in and day out to play with those guys and learn from them and being brothers with those guys. Those guys are great football players and they're even better people off the field. Having those guys around me, playing with them, learning from them, and battling with those guys, I feel like I've been put into the position I've been into today.

On if he's gotten a text from current Bills and former LSU LB Kelvin Sheppard yet:

I think I have. My phone's been blowing up. I talked to (Kelvin) Sheppard and he was telling me he hoped I got picked by Buffalo. I'm definitely excited to go somewhere where I have a teammate that plays on the defensive side that can help me learn the in's and the out's of the defense and hopefully get me started even quicker and hit the ground running.

On what side he has played at defensive back:

I played outside. I'm comfortable playing inside or outside, or even at safety. That's one thing about me is I'm versatile. Whatever position you stick me at I'm going to be comfortable at the end and going out there and fighting my hardest.

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