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Transcript: WR Stevie Johnson

WR Stevie Johnson

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On getting over the groin injury:

It really does not matter to me. Right now, the way I feel I really do not care if it lingers or if it goes away today or tomorrow. I am going to be ready to play.

On what the team needs to do:

We need to have more fun together. We are playing kind of uptight. Not uptight, but we are playing tight. I feel like we can be looser than that. We have the players to do that.

On how deflating the loss to the Jets was:

It was tough. It was tough first and foremost to lose those guys (Fred Jackson and David Nelson) because those are our brothers. To lose the game it was also tough. To lose anything, nobody likes to lose. We just have to shake back and play better.

On how confident he is the team can rebound from the loss:

I am always confident in our guys. If we were to lose two, three or four straight, I would still feel confident in this group and these guys I have been working with. And I think we will shake back.

On facing Chiefs S Eric Berry:

It is going to be fun. It is going to be interesting. We will see what happens. However he feels is however he feels. I already said it before that I have never been a dirty player and I never try to take somebody out. I know the work put in to get where he is and where I am. I have said it before but it is enough already. We will meet up on Sunday.

On getting into incidents with other plays not being typical of him:

Not at all. Not at all. I came from the bottom so I know the grind and the struggle to get to where I am now. Everything that has been said and everything that happened, it happened. I am not even tripping. We will see what happens on Sunday if we get that W or not.

On if he feels a burden to really step up after losing WR David Nelson:

Yeah, it is tough because you have a guy in David who has played well. He goes down. Then you have your stud back in (Fred Jackson) and he goes down. So it is like 'come on Stevie, let's do something. Let's put some points up and turn things around. Let's get back to the old you.'

On how he feels about his groin:

I am not even thinking about my groin anymore. It is what it is. Whether it is hurting or not, I do not even care anymore. I am just going to go play football. 

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