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Transcript: Zebrie Sanders Conference Call

On being drafted by the Buffalo Bills:

I am just glad for the opportunity. I'm glad they selected me and gave me a shot out of all the other rookies. I'm just ready to get out there, prove myself and just start all over again. Earn my respect and hopefully get an opportunity to get on the field.

On if Zebrie is short for anything:

No, it was just my Dad's name. He gave to me, I am the second.

On if he is more comfortable as a right or left tackle:

I feel like I am good at the right or left (tackle). I am ready to give my all for every line up position that put me in.

On where his game improved the most during college:

Probably around my junior year in my run game. Having the opportunity to play for Coach (Rick) Trickett, he really emphasized just staying low and what to work on with your hands and your feet when you are run blocking. I feel like I got a little bit better, a lot better, under him for four years.

On how what he envisions his role in Buffalo to be:

I see the fifth round as an opportunity, just like anybody else. I feel like it is going to give me a fair shot. It's definitely something to look forward to and something to work on. I feel like I have to go up there and earn my respect. I cannot wait to get up (to Buffalo) and have a shot.

On who influenced him to be a well-rounded person outside of football:

My parents always telling me to try new things and get involved everywhere and in every aspect. Never give up, just go through it and fight through it. That is what helped develop me into the man I am today.

On if he takes pride in being a well-rounded person:

Yes sir. I do.

On his former collegiate teammate and new Bills' teammate LB Nigel Bradham:

Nigel (Bradham) is a great player. We actually connected a little better because in the Senior Bowl we were roommates, too. It is crazy we will be on the same team. Just looking at it like usual, he is a great player. I feel like he is going to help the team out a lot as well.

On his college GPA at Florida St.:


On rooming with Bradham at the Senior Bowl:

We were roommates at the Senior Bowl. We have been together for a long time, but we were not really roommates in college. So I feel like just having a little more time to talk, we connected a lot more. He was always a good friend but we connected a little bit more because now we were roommates and talking. After every practice talking about what we did and what we can get better on.

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