Troup visits NW Buffalo Community Center kids


Buffalo Bills nose tackle Torell Troup comes from a large family and is alone in Buffalo, so a visit to the Northwest Buffalo Community Center has become a regular stop for the rookie out of Central Florida.

During his off-time, Troup became interested in making visits to community centers around WNY just to hang out with kids and talk to them. September 21st was his first visit to the Northwest Buffalo Community Center.

"Today was a really great time," said Troup." I come from a big family and I'm up here alone with none of my younger brothers and sisters to hang out with. Today I got a little taste of that."

Troup played with the kids in the recreation room and challenged kids to foosball and billiards. After the recreation room, Troup went into the gym where he joined a two-hand touch football game with young boys.

The effort to play multiple games and sports brought back some fond memories for Troup.

"The NWBCC is like a family and I was happy to be a part of it today. I did forget how much energy kids have though!" 

Troup's main objective with the visits are to provide the kids with a positive outlook, be a good role model for them and have fun.

"To some of these kids, they don't have many adults to look up to at times," said Troup. "If I can help them stay on the right track, even a little, I feel as though I've done my part. I told them today that this wasn't going to be the last time they saw me and I plan to keep my word."

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