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Two Bills coaches land on's potential future head coaches list | Bills Today


Conor Orr from unveiled his list of 49 NFL head coaching candidates for 2022 and beyond. There are a few familiar names for Bills fans on this list. Both current Bills coordinators are mentioned. For more see below …

Top Candidates

Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator, Buffalo Bills

Daboll continues to cement his status as an offensive mastermind capable of creating mismatches anywhere on the field. His role in the development of Josh Allen has been overlooked, though the football world got a small taste in his QB acumen after watching current pupil Mitch Trubisky carve up his former team in the preseason. Having an eye for matchups that can transcend scheme is a gift few offensive coaches possess, which makes Daboll's skill set all the more valuable. Some in coaching circles were surprised to see him miss out on the cycle last year, especially with some obvious fits with the Texans or Chargers.

Second-chance head coaches

Leslie Frazier, defensive coordinator, Buffalo BillsA coach many thought would be gone quickly into the 2021 cycle, Leslie Frazier was deep into the interview process in Houston, a job that eventually went to David Culley. The former Vikings head coach is beloved in Buffalo and, while he heads a talented defensive staff with plenty of brain power, Frazier is the one pulling the levers on game day. AsPFF astutely pointed out, his defense could peak this season with two rookie quarterbacks and Tua Tagovailoa accounting for six of its games.

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