What Sean McDermott, Jerry Hughes + others said about Buffalo's 3-0 start to the season


Jerry Hughes on the difference between two 3-0 Bills starts.

The Bills start the season 3-0 for the second consecutive year, marking the third time in franchise history the team has achieved the feat (1991-92/1964-65). Jerry Hughes talked about the difference between this year's 3-0 team versus last year's.

"The fight, it's the fight in the guys, no matter who's taking the field. Whether it's special teams, offense, or defense, you got 11 guys who are going out there to play. We don't have our 12th man right now cheering us on, so we bring that energy and we are coming to fight for all four quarters. Just the way that Brandon Beane and Coach McDermott come together to find guys who are that competitive. It's fun to watch all of this come together."

Matt Milano on finding their inner motivation

Bills Mafia was definitely missed during this game, and without them, the players had to find a way to motivate themselves to pull out the win. 

"It was definitely tough with no fans to get us energized. It was about trying to find our own motivation to go out there and then we needed somebody to step up to make a play. So, I think the biggest thing is just keeping our foot on the pedal. We came out hot the first half, came out hot in the second half but then let up a little bit. We let some points up, so we have to take advantage when we're on the field and do whatever we can to not let them score again in that position."

Tremaine Edmunds on the team overcoming adversity

Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds talked about how they can learn a lot from this win, and the mindset of this team throughout this game.  

"I think it was a great learning experience for us. I think that's something that we needed because things aren't always going to be perfect. I think today was a true testament to that, staying together as a team and finding a way to get the job done. I take my hat off to those guys because we have a lot of guys with the right mindset and we never broke. We got bent up a little bit, but we never broke. It's a true testament to the guys we have here on this team."

Allen on the team win

With the win today, Josh Allen became the third Bills QB ever with consecutive 3-0 season starts, joining Jack Kemp (1964-65) and Jim Kelly (1991-92). Allen talked about the game against the Rams, and how resilient this Bills team really is. 

"I'm going to need an ice bath tomorrow. That's a really good Rams defense that we just played. They got after us during the third and fourth quarters. Going up 28-3, as a team we've got to be better. We've got to make sure we're keeping our foot on the pedal and we've got to put that game away. I'm very happy with how resilient this team was but I'm also a little mad at myself for allowing us to dip right there and not executing as we should've. I put the ball in harm's way too often, but at the end of the day, we got a victory and that's all I care about."

The lesson McDermott learned from this game.

Sean McDermott shared the lesson he learned from this tough 35-32 win against the LA Rams. 

"On the surface, it's that the NFL is a tough, tough league to win in, no matter what the score is, and you got to keep playing. I give them credit, I don't think it was a matter of us stopping … it was more of they were executing at a higher level than we were. We out-executed them in the first half, and they out-executed us in the second half. Then it came down to one drive, and that's why we practice the way we do."