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What they're saying about Bills comeback win over the Lions



On K Dan Carpenter's game-winning kick:

"He was all fired up. So, I think the adrenaline and the way the emotion went at the time, that's really the only play that we had. We aren't going to be able to get it out and get out of bounds, they were defending the sides. We really only had one play left and we gave it to Dan."

On how good it feels to make the decision to change quarterbacks and to have it work out:

"Obviously, it's good. I don't want to say that, but we've all got to get better. We really do. There were a lot of things out there today and our guys fought. Defensively, they made a lot of plays, but we had penalties that we shouldn't have. Our first downs were very poor. So, we've got a lot to do, but the quarterback, Kyle (Orton) did his share to help us win the game, which obviously we needed from him. And there were some other guys that made plays around him. But all in all, there's no doubt we're working out here. It's hard to win on the road. We're excited, but we know that we have to do things better as we go forward and that's going to be the point of emphasis during the week, and that is every week."

On the defense's play:

"The defense has been playing well. Their effort is outstanding. We just beat a heck of a football team that's been playing as well as anyone in the League. Statistically, that shows. I don't have the stats in front of me for third down, but they were off the charts, third down conversions in their offense. Again, they suffered through some injuries and we had a couple of injuries. All of our guys came back, except for Ron Brooks, to play. It's just a tough situation. We gave up that play at the end, we gave up the pick-six, but defensively, our guys are playing extremely, extremely well."

On getting a win in Ralph Wilson's home town:

"It means a lot afterwards. In other words, during the course of it, you don't really think about it. You sit here and you might say to yourself during the course of the week, and I said to myself, 'Hey, there's a vote going on next week. The Pegulas are going to take the team over, if the owners approve it and this could be potentially, the last game for the Wilson family.' I think you think about it a little before. It wasn't something that we really addressed with the players. We focused on the game. After the game, I recognized that with the team. There is emotion there, but our focus was coming in here to win a game."


On what he attributes this win to:

"It was a slow start for us playing against a great defense and tough environment. We hurt ourselves early, the defense did a great job of keeping us in the game and let us get our rhythm. I thought by the second quarter we started to make some plays but still stubbed our toes on the drives that we were moving the ball on them. So, I think everybody was starting to get a little bit of confidence and we came out and played a really good second half."

On how comfortable he was:

"Yeah, I was disappointed in myself after the one pick. You can't let a veteran guy like 31 (Rashean Mathis), he's a very good player and he looked at me the whole way, so I was mad about that. But I thought from just in terms of operational, being on the line of scrimmage, making some checks and getting everybody on the same page, I thought we did a good job and communicated. If you look across the board everybody made plays on our offense. Marquise (Goodwin) made a great catch, Robert Woods made a great catch and Sammy Watkins and obviously the backs. So, it was just a total team win."

On if he saw the young players looking to him for leadership:"Yeah, it was fine. The good thing is when it happens you get to go right back out and get right back on the field, so you don't have to think about it very long. I thought everybody's demeanor in the huddle was just awesome today. Like I said, we were playing against a great defense and a lot of things didn't go well early. Nobody lost their trigger, nobody lost their fight and we battled them the whole game."


On the team's game plan:

"First of all, our defense was phenomenal today and really just gave up seven points when we gave them a short field. We gave them seven points on offense with the pick-six, so you can't say enough about them. Offensively, it was just stick with it and keep chopping wood is what we said this week. We stayed with it, Sammy (Watkins) and (Kyle) Orton made some big plays down the stretch and then Dan (Carpenter) hits the big field goal."


On what technique is involved when kicking long field goals:

"Usually the height part is not really an issue for me, it's really about just getting it there. We actually had this conversation this week and it came up. It's like a birdie putt, you don't want to leave it short, don't give it a chance. Like I said, I hit it really well and it went straight down the middle."

On winning two NFC games late:

"You know we're fighting through adversity. It's really hard to win in this league. It's really hard to win anywhere, but it's that much harder to win on the road. You have a lot of games that come to three points, seven points or less and I just think we're finding ways to win and fighting through that adversity. Maybe a bad play or a negative play and we're being able to bounce back from it and find a way to win."



On his last catch to set up the field goal:

"I read cover-one. Basically I was one-on-one with the cornerback. I saw the safety roll, so right then and there I kind of knew the ball was going to me. The thing I didn't realize was that there was a blitz, and that's one of the things that I need to pick up on. The ball was hot and Kyle (Orton) threw it out quickly."

On QB Kyle Orton's performance today:

"He's a leader and throughout the whole time he was going through adversity, he's in the huddle going crazy and being Kyle. He led his team and I understand now that he definitely knows what he's doing as far as breaking down defenses and coverages. He knows where he is going with the ball."

On his emotions watching the Lions miss the field goal then turning around and making one to win:

"It was great. I just knew that this offense was hungry. Everybody was all-in and we had to put together a drive right then I knew we were throwing down the field. One of the plays called was basically one of my plays that I do in practice and they've been open all week. They gave the look that we wanted."


On if he has ever had a three-sack game:

"Yeah, I thought I did my rookie year against the Redskins, but obviously I didn't. First one now."

On realizing if he had a career day during the game:

"It was just an everyday thing for me. We were just out there having fun, doing what we love and playing together as a team."

On what the defense was thinking when facing a 14-0 deficit:

"Don't even look at the scoreboard, the game isn't over. We still got time to play, just continue to play hard and don't worry about it and it'll all pan out. Let it play itself out and as long as we do our job things will unfold for us."


On how much this win means to the team:

"It's big. It's one of the biggest wins we've had this season. It's a big win for our team and is going to make us stronger."

On the difference in quarterbacks with switching to Orton this week:

"I just saw the offense driving and making big plays. The receivers are catching the ball and everybody looks like they're having fun out there. Like I said, it was a team win."

On if he was nervous at the end:

"No, I wasn't nervous. I felt like our defense was built for that situation and that we were going to come out on top."

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