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What they're saying about the Bills loss to the Raiders


Q: You had a stretch between the 2nd and 3rd quarter where you had difficulty scoring. How costly is a drought like that that in an NFL game?

Orton: "No doubt. We obviously didn't score enough points to win the game and a lot of plays you look back on and wish you had back, but you can't ever fault the guys' effort, want to, passion to play for each other. It was all there. We just didn't have the execution and in the end it cost us."

Q: How surprised were you by the overall offensive struggles specifically in the run game?

Orton: "We knew we were going to go up against a good defense. I thought they'd been playing well and certainly have a good front. I think it's all gone back to the same thing. When we go out there and do our jobs and execute we look pretty good. When we don't we struggle so ultimately that falls on the quarterback and it's my job to get everybody on the same page and make sure it looks good and we score points so I'm certainly disappointed in myself."

Q: There are a lot of competitive people in your locker room. What are your thoughts on being eliminated today from playoff contention?

Orton: "It just breaks your heart, you know. You sit there and put it all into it for a long time and you really don't do it for anybody but yourselves and for the guys next to you in the locker room. We still have one game to go and we'll play as hard as we can and try to get a win. Certainly when you've gone this long and you're right there and you have a chance and you put it all on the line and you don't come through, it stings. It hurts."


Q: What are your overall impressions coming away from the game?

Marrone: "Disappointed. Majorly disappointed."

Q: What do you do after this one?

Marrone: "We've got to play better this week… You have to go there, guys are going to be physical. You are going to be challenged every week and you have to be up for it. Those guys got beat."


Q: How disappointing is it coming off the high of last week?

Bradham: "It's very disappointing. Especially when it seemed like everything was working out in our favor. It went the opposite way on us. We didn't make enough plays, we let them stick around in the game, and it came back and bite us."



Q: You guys did well on 3rd down until the end there.**

Williams: "When you have the quarterback throw the ball up, like I said, and then come down with it...I mean as many times as we got them off on third down, it's one or two plays that cost us this game. We gave up too many big plays today, and we can't allow that to happen. We had the game shut out. As long as we had got them on that third down, I feel like we had enough confidence to put our offense out to put points on the board."

Q: Describe your disappointment level 1-10.

Williams: "A 10? Man, you might as well boost that 10 up to 50. I mean it's…there really aren't any words for how disappointed I am, just with myself and the way we played in general. I feel like we just didn't come out and play. I mean we had a playoff this year. We let it slip away."



Q: Was there a common thread on the inside runs they had?**

Williams: "I think there was a couple inside runs where we might have gotten caught in a run blitz where we weren't in our gap. Somebody wasn't there. I think more than anything it was missed tackles the whole game, from beginning to end. It wasn't an issue of getting moved out of your spot. It was just a lot of times just missing tackles."

Q: Was there any thought it your mind that maybe the mindset wasn't where it needed to be?

Williams: "No. I actually think we started off well. Offensively, defensively we started off well. At the end of the day, we got beat. They've played well at home over the past month, beat a couple good football teams. We knew that going in. We're not going to lean on the thing that we weren't into it or we took them lightly. We didn't. I think we started fast. We just didn't make enough plays to win."

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