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What they're saying: Bills-Bengals postgame comments



Opening Statement:

Alright, obviously really disappointing game for us. But when you look at it you are not going to win many games when you are zero for four in the red zone on defense. Four touchdowns, average starting point for their drive in the first half for the Bengals the plus 47. You ain't going to win that way. And then just inconsistent on offense. I thought at times we did a great job, and then other times too many three-and-outs. There are some things we clearly got to get better at. Still too many penalties, like dumb penalties you know still. It seems like on special teams we can't run a play on special teams without getting a penalty for some reason. So we got to take a hard look and get that area fixed. But with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: You have been crisp on your opening drives then something happened what is the common thread there?

A: I mean that…I wish I knew the answer to that because you are right. I mean against New England, against this team, against whoever. We have had some great opening drives and then for some reason it doesn't look like we can get a first down. Like it just…I don't understand. Obviously it comes down to execution and things. But I wish I could tell you.

Q: How frustrating was the red zone defense when you held the Titans last week to field goals?

A: Well that is what you got to do. To a team like this that you know is going to move the football on you, you got to be super efficient in the red zone. Albeit against one of the better red zone offenses in the league.  But the one pass I get it, that is fine you are down inside the five. You don't want to give it up, but I certainly understand it. But there are other things there, that big run on us. Which was almost like a Ripley's believe it or not. Somebody can run 17 yards that one is tough to overcome.

Q: What do you feel like you got out of LeSean McCoy today?

A: Well I thought obviously he's…you know that's a huge weapon. We've been certainly missing him but to get him back out there, that was impressive. He had, I think 90 yards rushing or something like that. Yeah, 90 yards rushing. You know that's great to see him out there. It's great to see Sammy (Watkins) out there until he got hurt. I mean it's just…you know I think the thing that's killing me right now, I mean it's frustrating. Injuries are part of the game, there's no question about it, but it's like we've been so snake bit. It's just unbelievable to me.



Opening Statement:

Obviously there are some things I wish I could have done better. As a unit on offense, I wish we had done better on third down conversions early in the game around the second quarter time. I was very proud of the way we fought towards the end of the game but there are always some things to clean up when you look at the tape.

Q: What was the difference between the opening drive and the rest of the ball game?

A: I can't really say specifically what was the difference. I thought we had some chances in there where we were going three and out and the interception to [Chris] Hogan, would've like to have that back of course, but throughout the course of the game, that's going to happen. I'd have to look at the tape first and see.

Q: How frustrating was it for you to see Sammy [Watkins] go down?

A: It's tough, but I was proud to see Sammy go out there and fight. He has something going on for a while and I was really proud of him to tough it out and get out there and play. Obviously anytime we have Sammy on the field, he's one of those guys that the defense always thinks about and always cares about, so you're bringing an extra defender and open up somebody else. I think that's why Charles Clay and the tight ends had such a good day.

Q: How did scoring that first touchdown feel?

A: It was great. It was a great call by Coach Roman and it was something that we worked on in practice and I had the opportunity to run it. It was the perfect time to do it and it was a walk-in. I thought the guys did a great job up front all day. I think I might have gotten sacked once or twice, but the whole line did a really good job. I was proud of Cyrus [Kouandjio] for coming in when Seantrel [Henderson] went down, and he played strong too.


Q: How does the loss of Kyle Williams affect things?

A: It's huge. I mean Kyle is a veteran leader, he means a lot to our team. But you know, it's the next man up. We just have to get the guy behind him ready so we can keep it rolling and just try to get a win on Sunday.

Q: Do you think you can do some things to improve the pressure on the quarterback?

A: Yeah I'll let the coach, coach, and we'll play. So whatever he runs, we'll run it.

Q: How frustrating are the injuries?

A: I mean, injuries happen. It's part of a football season. Us as players we prepare throughout the offseason, so we know it's going to happen. We have faith in everybody in our locker room to come out there and get the job so I mean, we have faith in all of our guys.


Q: On the Bills quick start to the game.

A: Right, started fast, put up points on the first drive, great way to start the game. Just have to be more consistent throughout.

Q: What happened after that?

A: I think it was just, not finishing on third down. We had a lot of three and outs after that drive and I think they were stopping us and we have to execute better. They're throwing a lot at us, and even just playing some zones. Just have to find the zones and get open.

Q: On the continuation of penalty problems

A: Right, the penalties are costing us in every loss. Big penalties, two on myself, and blocking I just have to do better.



Q: What was it today? First half you guys got going and then the second half when they got rolling it was just tough for you guys offensively

A: Yeah, it was just really tough. I'm not sure what it was. We just couldn't get it going like we wanted to. Next week we'll go back to the drawing board and try and get it right.

Q: You, individually, you've been waiting to get out there, your first carry you make a big play, how did you feel out there?

A: I felt okay. Certain plays I wish I had back. I feel like I could of done some things different on some different runs. But we, as a unit, we're trying to get better each game and we just got to put it together. We're a good team. Offensively we just have to find our groove and get to it and stick with it.

Q: How close did you feel to 100% out there?

A: I felt close. That first play man, that should have been the distance. I'll get back. I'll be around. I'll be my normal self. I'll be alright.

Q: Do you feel like you guys are still trying to find yourselves offensively a little bit?

A: Yeah, I mean we are. It's like we never have our whole group together. You know, there's one person out, two people out. And every time we kind of get back together, another injury happens. Or we get moving, and driving, and penalty. So we've got the talent there, man, we got the right play calling, we just, it's a matter of just doing it.


Q: How much was this you guys just maybe being outmatched, or was it injuries playing a role? What exactly was the difference here?

A: I don't know. I don't know. We actually had a good idea of what they do. So I wouldn't say it was one of those situations where we came in and they did a lot of stuff that we didn't know. We just didn't make enough plays. They had a few situations where they made the plays and we didn't. On third downs we had some pretty decent calls, they just found ways to get open and make catches and things like that. So it was one of those situations where things went well for them and things didn't go so well for us in pretty much every phase.

Q: Corey, Rex has said, a number of times, that this defense could be the best defense in the league. Right now, how far off are you guys on that?

A: We're off. We're off. I mean, it's a lot of little things. Especially today where you have situations where it's third and ten or third and nine, and stuff like that where it's pretty much 'gimme' situations for a defense to get off the field, and somehow they find ways to convert. You can't do that, especially if you want to be an elite defense.

Q: When you guys are good, it seems like you dictate to the offense. That just wasn't happening today.

A: No, it definitely wasn't happening today. I mean, they did a good job adjusting to what we showed. Andy Dalton, those guys, did an unbelievable job. They checked out of some plays and they put their guys in position to make some plays, so, we tip our hat to them, they were better today, we just got to find a way to go out there and get better.

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