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What they're saying: Bills-Browns




Q: If you could, describe the tackle, fumble, return, touchdown…**

A: I mean it happened so fast, I'm just trying to find a way to the end zone. Once I saw him, you know, we attacked the ball. It's something that we kind of harped on, we go over on practice every Friday you know, attacking the ball, raking it out, picking it up and scoring and waiting for the refs to come and figure it out so I mean it's really just taking practice and bringing it to the field on Sunday.

Q: It looked like the Browns, some of the offensive linemen, I don't know if they quit but they saw penalty flags and sort of slowed down after that.

A: I don't know. It's offensive linemen chasing defensive linemen. They're not going to catch us.

Q: Did you feel like that was the play that really turned the game around? I mean you just scored, that was the nail to them.

A: Either that or Kyle's (Williams) sack to knock them out of field goal range and really force them to punt. Keeping points off the board is huge so for us to kind of get that turn around real quick, you know force that sack, and get a quick three-and-out, I mean that's huge.

Q: Jerry, the importance of this win? It keeps you in that playoff conversation.

A: Yeah absolutely. I mean that's kind of what we've been fighting for. We know week-in and week-out what's at stake so we approach it with that mentality. We come into work, we prepare, we get ready because we know each game is kind of like a playoff game and our crowd did a fantastic job today by just keeping the energy high and just keeping us up. It was fantastic.



Q: What is your takeaway from two interceptions and a very strong defense against your former coach?**

A: It was great. It should have been four. I know a lot of people from back home are going to get on me about that. I dropped two of them. It was good to get two. It's good to get one, so when you get two it feels great.

Q: Was there a point in the game where you felt like the defense had an answer for everything?

A: Absolutely. It was very good because were talking to each other in the huddle like, "watch out for this," and "watch out for that." Like I said, once you notice those tendencies, you are able to play certain formations and jump certain routes. It all helped out. We'd cover them in the back end, the front four would get the rush, and then it all plays together as one defense.

Q: What's it mean for you guys to go into December 7-5, still in the conversation for the playoffs?

A: It's great. We wanted to come out and win for the fans. They weren't able to be with us on Monday night, so to have a game back in the Ralph where we get that win for them was good. In the end, we're still in the hunt, so it was a good win.

Q: With the snowstorm last week, was it important to win at home for your hometown fans?

A: Absolutely. It was great. We knew they were upset they couldn't be there with us, but we knew they were back at the Ralph cleaning it out for the next home game. Coach Marrone said, "These fans love you. They want to see you win back at the Ralph. Let's bring a win back to the Ralph.



Q: You guys just seemed very dialed in to everything that they were doing today, give me a breakdown of it…**

A: I think in the second half, for sure. We played a lot better. That was one thing we talked about when we came in here after the first half and said "Yeah they only have three points but don't confuse yourself, we haven't played that well," but I think in the second half, we really did a good job.

Q: That second half was it beyond effort, was it also strategic, adjustment, you know give me a sense of it…

A: You know we really didn't make that many adjustments. It was really just a focus on your job and really being on top of everything. I think we played a little bit loose in the first half with what we were supposed to do and it led to them making some plays and having a couple of drives. We really tightened it up in the second half.

Q: Is it daunting or inspiring that you have Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady in these next four weeks?

A: Well, if it's daunting and you're worried or you're scared about it, I don't want to play with you. It's a challenge obviously, great players. We feel like we're pretty good players too, so we have to prepare, we have to be on top of our business and go out there and try to win one football game. You can't lose sight of the forest for the trees, you can't look at everybody, you can only focus on what you have in front of you and we have a good test in front of us.



Q: How satisfied were you with the defense?**

A: It was good. I thought in all three phases, we didn't play well in the first half. There's no doubt about that. We were able to stay in the game. I thought the key turning point in the game, if you look at one situation, was where we came out and turned the ball over and the defense didn't even let them score. When they were in field goal range, we wound up getting a sack. We were able to come back and take the lead with a touchdown. I thought that probably was --if you put a focal point on the turning point -- a big one.

Q: Can you describe the importance of Jerry Hughes' touchdown?

A: It was big. We had some opportunities to get some turnovers before. Jerry made a heck of a play. I mean he played really well. A lot of guys played well. It's big. It's always big that way. That was a big play.

Q: How much a part of your game plan was MarQueis Gray?

A: I like him. I really didn't know how he was going to respond, because we haven't played a game with him. He did a heck of a job during the week. He did a very good job of picking things up. Chris Gragg had been playing almost 30 snaps a game for a while in those packages. He came in and made a big play early on the naked [bootleg]. That was a crucial play that we had against that type of defense in that situation and he made that play. That was a big play near the end of the game. Let's not fool ourselves. We've got to finish. It's the same things. It's the red zone. We've got to finish these drives. I thought we were running the ball well, but then, all of the sudden we weren't able to make the completion or make the play to continue it. Then, we got into these third down situations that we didn't manage very well. Am I happy we won? Yes. I'm probably the worst guy [with that]. You guys know how I am. There are a lot of things that I'm concerned about and we will get them fixed.

Q: What is your overall feeling on how your team has played over the last few weeks?

A: I'm proud of the players. There's no doubt about it. Where it comes from me is that I know and believe how well we can play when we execute at a higher level. That's what we have to do. That's what you have to do to win in this league. When you get the ball down there, you've got to finish these drives and finish these things as you go. Everything I'm saying to you guys, I've talked to the players about before. We understand that and that's why we continue to come to practice every day and work our butts off.



Q: You made the play of the game, that 4th down catch really turned the game around, take us through what happened on that one.**

A: It was just a backside slant, front side I guess (Cleveland) covered pretty well and scramble drill with me and Kyle (Orton), I ran a slant and just tried to find an open spot on the field, went up high and he placed it where only I could catch it.

Q: It was kind of a risky call on 4th and 3 right? I mean to try to complete that pass 38 yards down field is a little bit of a risk there.

A: If we didn't throw we were still in the same position but if he makes the throw it gives us receivers a chance to make these plays.

Q: Robert, you've had a couple big catches the last couple weeks, just how satisfied are you with the big play ability that you've been able to show?

A: I'm just thankful for the chance, I just want to go out here and make plays for the team but as long as we keep winning. We've got to win the next one and whatever comes comes.

Q: What are you guys feeling right now after knowing where you guys were two weeks ago and where you are now? How much of a better position is it?

A: It feels pretty good, especially winning at home, you can feel the energy on the sideline, I told Aaron (Williams), winning feels good, we've just got to keep winning.



Q: Do you feel like you were kind of the Bills' secret weapon today?**

A: You can say that, I guess, because I haven't played and this is my first time being here, I just got the playbook Tuesday coming back from Detroit and overall the offensive line and everybody on offense did a great job of selling those run plays which got me so wide open. If it wasn't for that then I probably wouldn't even be doing interviews right now.

Q: The one, was that a 4th down, 4th and one right? Play fake and he hit you on the left side.

A: I don't even know, I'm not even going to lie I was just excited that I was given the opportunity to play in this game and be back on the field.

Q: Did it matter to you to play against Cleveland, your former team?

A: I just wanted to play obviously but playing against my former team made it a lot more fun, a lot more competitive but any other time I'm out there I'm just happy to be out there.



Q: The play to Robert (Woods) right before the touchdown to Chris (Hogan), I mean it looked like the play was designed to go to the right side, but you came all the way back. Can you just walk us through that play and what you saw?**

A: Yeah we were trying, fourth-and-two, we were trying to get the first down obviously, and throw a little out route to Hogan and they covered it well. The offensive line did a great job and I kind of worked back and I was going to try to run for it and I picked my head up and saw Robert (Woods) working back to the end zone and gave him a chance to make a play and he went up and I thought Robert had another good day.

Q: MarQueis Gray, here for a week-and-a-half, and you guys go to him on two critical downs.

A: Awesome job for him. You know, just getting ready to play. He's been here for five days, six days, whatever. To pick up the offense that fast and really, tight end is probably, it's kind of like quarterback. You have to know all the run game, you have to know all the pass plays. We lined him up in a lot of different spots so credit to him to be ready to go. We called his number twice and he made two really big plays.

Q: What does it say about your team to come back with these two wins and put yourself in that conversation for the playoffs here in the final month?

A: Yeah, we just kind of keep on battling and certainly, we're a tight group. The defense has played great to keep us in some of these games and we're right there where we need to be with four games to go. Everything now is just improving and doing whatever it takes to win the next four.

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