What they're saying: Bills-Dolphins postgame comments



Q: How was it to be a part of an offense that was finally together today?

A: This is what they brought us here to look like. We draft certain players, like Karlos, to make plays. And John [Miller], on the line, blocked tremendous today. By the way, the offensive line really kicked butt today. I shouldn't use the word bully, but they were bullying up front. We expect some plays man, and we kind of got to the edges. But, anything you wanted to do today was free. There was a lot of space with guys missing, get some extra yards. But then, Sammy [Watkins], he's been battling injuries and you see what he did today. That's kind of the look that we want--pounding on the ball. And every once in awhile, let Tyrod [Taylor] show his true talent: throwing the ball and actually running the ball. And then, powering the ball and throwing the ball to [Charles] Clay also. So, that's the type of offense we want to have. You want to have that kind of offense with the defense when it's done well. It's called the game plan.

Q: What did Sammy show you and this team today, knowing that he dealt with some distractions a couple of weeks ago with Instagram responding to criticisms that he's injury prone?

A: He's young. He's a young player and I've been in his shoes before. You always want to prove yourself. He's been a great player at Clemson and now he comes to a new environment where the expectation level is so high and you want to prove yourself and you battle injuries. That's part of the game. And critics are saying this and saying that. Everybody has their own opinion, but you just can't get mixed up someone else's opinion with the true facts. He's a hell of a player. He's really God-gifted. As a young player, I understand the feeling so I don't think he really needed to apologize because you go through those things. Out of all players I've ever been around, in their second year, the most exposure, the most hype is Sammy because he's like the prince of the team. I mean, we need him to win games, which showed today. So, two years from now he'll probably be laughing about the Instagram and all that type of stuff. He's a good player, it's just that you go through those things.



Q: What did you think of everyone cheering your name?

A: Oh, the fans are great. They come out every week, even the away games. Scream and shout for the players. I think that is a big factor in this game, even on that fumble that Miami had when the guy just hiked it, the fans were so into the game I don't think they knew what they were doing. We just need them to keep believing in us. And we just need to keep on playing and giving them something to watch so they can be here every week and cheering us on.

Q: That was directed at you and there was some animosity from some of the people who forgive when you produce on the field?

A: Most definitely. I thank all my fans. The comment wasn't to anyone, I didn't mean that comment. So I just want to thank everybody for coming out still and chanting my name and still having faith in this team and me. That is why I came out and played the way I played, I felt like I owed it to the fans and to the team and the organization.

Q: On the two big plays the cornerback said he was mad you beat him off the line, what were you doing?

A: I live by the film. I watched him, every game from two and three years ago and watched how he plays press. He doesn't switch it up. So I kind of set it up to and on run plays, kept taking inside releases kept selling it and I beat him inside on the first go so I knew when in doubt that he is going to jump inside if I do an inside release. So I kind of double moved him inside, sold it with my body and he jumped and I just put my hand up and Tyrod delivered the ball.

Q: LeSean dubbed you the prince of the team, if you are the prince what is he?

A: He is probably the king. That is the guy we went and got. I just thank him for playing tough and coming back off the injury he was suffering. And he has been playing great since he got back.


Q: Two guys go for over 100 yards on the ground. As an offensive line how much pride do you take in that?

A: We take a lot of pride in that. That's a special; it's very hard to do in this league. We went out, we played physical, we got after them, we manhandled them all day.

Q: You guys came in, it appeared you wanted to run the ball, Tyrod (Taylor) had, what, 14 pass attempts, clearly that was the plan going in. And to do that, when they know you're going to do that, it is pretty impressive.

A: Yeah, you know, we've got to be efficient when you want to do that. You have to pick up chunks of yards and you got to rip off some big runs in order to be able to stick with the run like that. You've got to give the coordinator confidence to do that. We were physical, we tossed them around and we got into a nice rhythm.


Q: When you see all the guys on offense back and how they can perform when they're all back, how much of a confidence lift is that moving forward?

A: It's exciting, the way they played was tremendous. Two hundred yard rushers, Sammy (Watkins) was going crazy. That's exciting to see as a defense, we're the biggest fans on the sideline watching so it's great to see them go out there and perform the way they did.


Q: Last year you guys had two games in four days, you went 0-2. Here you have a chance to go 2-0 and can really spark your season. How much are you looking forward to going the Jets on Thursday?

A: We're excited, especially going in with a win, we're just super excited to move forward. We've got 24 hours, we're going to put this game behind us and really go full steam ahead for the Jets. We're just ready to see what we can do.

Q: How did the momentum change with Jerry's sack/fumble recovery?

A: It was a big momentum (swing) for the team just to go out there and do our thing. It really gave us the spark we needed even though we didn't get the touchdown on the turnover, it still gave us enough to finish the game strong.


Q: How did it feel to get back out there?

A: It felt great. Coming back in early this week, getting back in practice, getting back in rhythm of doing some things, getting on special teams first with coach (Danny) Crossman and getting some reps in there with coach (Greg) Roman. Trying to get me back in the flow of things, kind of giving me some extra reps, making sure my conditioning was back up, and also getting back on a roll with these guys. With Shady (McCoy), Boobie (Dixon) with Jerome (Felton), it feels good to be back on the field with my teammates

Q: How do keep finding the end zone?

A: The big guys over there to my left. Those guys love when I run the football, they love the way I run the ball. Very aggressive, very downhill and we have that kind of offensive line that's going to push, grind it out, and make those holes. They want me in the end zone, and I'm going to find a way to get in there. When they open the holes up, you have to be able to run through them, and they did a great job of that today.



Q: In recent years, defense often carries the offense, today was different.

A: I mean our offensive line did a tremendous job going up there opening up holes for the running backs so as a defense when you got the offense putting up points we just try to do our best to just give them the ball back so they can continue having the success that they had.

Q: Can you talk about the sack fumble?

A: Our secondary did a tremendous job of making the quarterback hold the ball so I just tried to really do my best to just find a way to get back there then once I do, just find a way to cause havoc, get the ball out.

Q: Hey, Jerry, you guys seem to consistently make life miserable for (Ryan) Tannehill. What is it in particular you can point to when you game-plan against him?

A: I mean we know we needed to win this week, especially since it's a division game and we have to finish strong throughout the division and it was just a great week of preparation. I mean Rex (Ryan), DT (Dennis Thurman), those guys did a fabulous job of just getting us ready and our back seven did tremendous of just making him hold the ball and go through the second and third reads so any time the QB does that as a d-lineman, you love it. Just got to go out there, pin your ears back and just make plays.


Opening CommentsReal, real good team effort. The guys, you know off the break, you know we're fresh. That showed today. I love the way our guys prepared all week. Did a great job preparation wise. That being said, man oh man I think Miami got us a few times since the misdirection. It seemed like the whole game was misdirection and things. But they did a good job. Made it a close game. But you know I think our offense when you...we got our guys back obviously. This just in – it kind of helps having Sammy (Watkins) back, and Karlos Williams back, and everybody else. Tyrod (Taylor) back. Even though he did throw an incompletion today. So with that I'll open it up for questions.

Q: How did you articulate the urgency to win this game all week?

A: Well the urgency was that we gotta be all in for nine weeks. That's what we have. Nine-week season. We know what it is, we know where we're at. We were three and four going into the game, we get it. We had just lost to a team that we thought we were better than. But at the end of the day that's where we're at and we're in the…you know it's are we…you know could we be in the middle of it? Yeah, but we gotta win or it's not gonna matter. So we gotta take care of our business. I love the commitment. If you guys would see the commitment that I saw through the week through preparation. Guys staying late, you know with no coaches, you know outside of that, together. Collectively they're staying in there. Tyrod (Taylor) running the offense. The defense in there. Our guys want to win and I can't tell you…You say well that's a stupid comment, everyone wants to win. Yeah, but to the extreme that we want to…we want to be…We want to give ourselves the best chance. And we gotta communicate better, we gotta do all that, and we gotta be all in together and supportive of each other, and I think our guys are.

Photos of all the action from the Bills Week 9 win over the Dolphins.

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