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What they're saying: Bills-Patriots postgame reaction




Well, I'm gonna tell you exactly how I told our team. First off this loss is squarely on one man's shoulders. It's on my shoulders. You know, yeah we gotta get better as a team there's no question. But I have to get better. You know (Bill) Belichick out coached me. No question about it and that's where the game…that's how it ended up and it's unfortunate. The plan has to be better on defense. Can't give up 500 yards and beat anybody, and then we turn it over three times. .... Our team will get better, but it starts with me getting better and looking forward to next week.

Q: Can you discuss the penalties?

A: Yeah absolutely and discuss I think is right. I mean sometimes you know it's an emotional game, you should play with emotion. But sometimes you let your emotions get the better of you and it went to our detriment and it starts with me. I obviously have to control my emotions a little better regardless of how bad things were going.



Q: Eric Wood said that one of the things that they do best is allow you to beat yourself. It was a classic case today wasn't it.

A: There's a difference between coming out ready to go, fired up ready to play and coming out and being totally without poise, without focus, and a lot of stupid, idiotic stuff. That plays right in their hands. If you have no poise, no focus you get caught up in all the BS, that's what they do. We did that especially in the first half.

Q: You have been here for a long time, you're a leader, is it easy or is it hard to come back Monday or Tuesday and get everybody focused after one like this?

A: I don't think so, win lose or draw the sun's going to come up tomorrow and we've got to get ready to play the Dolphins next week. It was the second game of the season. I think today probably more than any other game in my career is as teachable and as much of a learning experience for everybody on our team. Not just the young guys, I'm talking about for older guys. We have some talented guys but we have to be able to compose ourselves, we have to be able to play football with intensity but we have to be able to play with focus too. Honestly, I believe today is one of the bigger learning lessons that we're going to get and we're going to move forward. The tough thing and the great thing at the same time about this league is that there's another game next week. We've got another division game next week on the road so we've got to get ready to go.


Q: How would you critique your performance personally?

A: Of course I need to take care of the ball. You can't end the game with three turnovers, that's the real deal. Of course one of them came in our two-minute drill. Well two of them came in a two-minute drill, one before the half. I tried to make a play, but you just can't turn the ball over. It kills us as a team and it kills us as an offense as far as momentum.

Q: What was the talk in the room after the game? What was the general feeling?

A: We can't hurt ourselves. We have 14 penalties and three turnovers so we have to clean those up moving forward. I still believe in this team and we all have tremendous belief in the things that we can do but moving forward we have to play cleaner football.

Q: Rex said that this loss is solely on his shoulders. How do you react to something like that?

A: It's a collective loss. We lost as a team. He did say that he was going to take the blame but we can't put the blame on him. As an offense, like I said, there are some things we can clean up and I'm sure defensively as well. But we're going to learn from this definitely and continue to get better.


Q: Does it do anything for you being able to come back and make it a game?

A: Most definitely. Now we know we can play. We can't have those mental errors in the first half. We didn't play well, our first drive that was probably our best drive, but after that we just had too many penalties. Guys were doing the wrong thing, and I think for the most part we got back to playing football in the second half.

Q: Is there a benefit to this game happening so early in the season maybe you can learn from it?

A: That is the best part, it is the second week. We got a long year of football. You don't know what is going to happen. We want to get better from this standpoint, and we just got to keep practicing, keep getting better, and stay together. We got a great staff, great coaches, and they are doing a great job with us. We just got to come play and have a great game plan and live by that game plan.


Q: To come back the way you guys did in the second half, moving forward, what do you take from that and use it as a positive?

A: We just got to stick with it. We can learn from this game. When we came together as a group, Rex Ryan and our team, we didn't talk about going undefeated, we talked about winning games, we talked about controlling what we can control each game and then at the end of the year be where we can be and that's to potentially get into the playoffs. I mean this is a game we learn from, you know you can't get too high on wins and you can't get too low on losses. Just got to keep pushing away and getting at it.

Q: LeSean, from an emotional standpoint, there was a lot of hype coming into this game all week. Do you think some of that emotion, maybe, carried too much onto the field?

A: Yeah. I just felt like, obviously we're confident, we had a great plan today, just that we got too hyped, certain plays we had stops, we got turnovers, and then we got a flag, we made a good play, we got a flag. So you just got to calm it down. You got to go out there and play football. I mean there is no reason to fight, cause you're not going to fight on the field, you're not going to fight after the game, so let's just play ball. That's the biggest thing we can really work on.


Q: Were you disappointed in the amount of penalties you guys took on the defensive side of the ball? It was a sloppy game with both sides committing penalties but were you as a defensive leader disappointed in the lack of discipline?

A: We need to be smarter. I'm not going to say I'm disappointed, I don't know what took place. At the end of the day, we had the penalties. We dug ourselves a hole and did our best to get out.

Q: Is it particularly frustrating for you, a veteran guy, you've played against  (Brady) a lot, it's hard enough to stop him in normal situations and you see these penalties that keep costing you field position. Is it hard for you as a leader of this team to cope with that and what do you say to these young players?

A: You can't get frustrated. That's not going to help us to throw a temper tantrum on the field. The call is the call whether it was right or wrong.


Q: 40 points and almost 500 yards did you think that could happen?

A: Yeah, it was unacceptable. We got to come out and play a lot better. The first half our fans were behind us. They gave us tremendous energy; we just didn't come out and play with that energy for all four quarters. So now we got to find a way to put that together so we can just play four quarters of full Buffalo Bills football.

Q: Did you feel disrespected being thrown on when they were up 24 points?

A: No, I mean we are playing football. They are trying to score points and we are trying to keep them from scoring.  So I mean we got to go out there and we got to do our job, and if not they are going to put up more points. I think we kind of settled down in the second half a little bit, we just can't have that many penalties. I think that was just the turning point, over 100 yards in penalties, we shot ourselves in the foot, and you can't do that when you have 12 playing quarterback. 

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