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What they're saying: Bills players discuss the win over Arizona



Q: How important was it to play that well after losing the first two games?

A: I mean it's very important for us just in general to get going. We always want to help out the defense. The way this team was built, was defense, that's Rex and his family. They go out there and make stops, they make pressure no matter who the team is. And on offense, we've got to put the points up. I think the way they play their game on the other side by making plays and putting points up on offense, we have the easy job, just put a couple points up. That's when we're most effective, when we're playing on the same cylinder. Making plays together; defense, offense, special teams. That's what a team is based on, so it was very important for us to come out there and put some points up.

Q: There seems to be some crispness in the offense since getting the plays going, getting them going faster. What do you attest that to?

A: Yeah, oh no it's tempo. I knew we would run the ball well because he's big on that. The urgency to get in and out of the huddle. Get up on the ball. There were some times where we would snap the ball when they were just kind of lining up and that helps out. Defenses can't structure their blitzes how they want. They can't see what formations we're in so they can line up everything and get it correct. You know, cause defense, all that is, is they just react to the offense. Okay the ball goes left, they react to the left. So when they line up they try to find out who's who, they have their keys, when you snap the ball fast it's kinda hard to get everything together. I don't know if you noticed, but we ran some quick two-minute type of plays early in the game, so there is a lot of different things to prepare for.

Q: Rex was saying; for a team to not use what Tyrod (Taylor) does better than anyone else at that position which is use his legs, it would be foolish to no use that. Do you expect more of that?

A: Yeah, I was always a big fan of when every coach or team wants to have the best team in the NFL, but every coach doesn't think that's the reality. So why wouldn't you use, the players you have, use their best abilities. Tyrod (Taylor) one of the best things he can do, is he can run the ball. I mean he's like a running back at quarterback, so why wouldn't you not have him using his legs? That's something that we're big on. There might be times that he throws the ball down field or a different pass play, or we could let him run for 48 yards like he did today. I mean that's just what makes him a special player.



Q: How important was it to play well today?**

A: It was good to see everyone come together and do whatever it takes … offense and defense, to get a win. Definitely a lot going on earlier in the week, and we were able to move past that and like I said, come together and get a win.

Q: How much do you think it helped that you were, "let loose" today?

A: There was some opportunities where I was able to use my legs. Certain teams are going to give you those opportunity going into a weekend and you know that. But that's not going to be the formula every week. The good thing is that we have playmakers outside and in the backfield that whatever we need to do to get the win that week, that we're capable of doing it. It's just about us going out there and execution it.

Q: Was the offensive strategy keeping the defense on their heels?

A: I think the way we mixed in our no huddle definitely was beneficial … definitely with the touchdown that Shady (Lesean McCoy) had off the trap. That was definitely a big one in the game. You have to pick and choose when you use it, because sometimes you get stuck on a personnel, and it is not the personnel that you can run your whole offense from. But I think we did a good job of mixing it and it also, like I said, forced them to play certain coverages and stay in certain things and give us decent looks to run our plays.

Q: How was communication between you and Coach Lynn today?

A: Yeah it was pretty solid. We've done a good job of getting the plays down. It's always different coming from upstairs. They see things from a different perspective as far as calling some things in so, I liked the communication today and hopefully we continue to keep building.


Q: Your defense seemed to be very inspired along the way as well, maybe atoning for what happened its last time out there. Can you speak to that?

A: Yeah, we were really, obviously, embarrassed by the type of play that we had last week, but we had to really look deep and try to help ourselves and come up with different ways and change the look on them. Bruce Arians is a great coach, so we knew we weren't going to have the same plan that we had going into obviously the last game with. We were wanting them to think we did, but we were going to change everything and really try to keep them off balance. I think we did a great job. Dennis Thurman (defensive coordinator) did a great job of calling the game and then my brother's (assistant head coach Rob Ryan) contribution in the red-zone looked pretty decent I think.

Q: Rex, with what happened to the secondary last week and with Ronald Darby out, did you go into this game thinking you had to apply more pressure with different creative schemes to protect the secondary a little bit more?

A: No, we just had to do a better job of mixing things and like I said, Dennis Thurman did an unbelievable job calling the game. But then also, hey, we're going to leave you one-on-one because we believe that you can get it done and that's what we did. I thought Corey white had a great pick, Corey Graham was outstanding, so there was a lot of guys. It was great to see (Stephon) Gilmore get a pick also and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone else but you guys know who it is, I don't know.

Q: Rex, just to clarify, was Dennis Thurman calling the plays today and was that a change from the usual?

A: Yeah, he was calling it. Now guys, here's the---what happens is we present it. So I came to Dennis and said 'look, we've played this guy a long time, this is what in my opinion we need to go to,' so we put in a turbo package that we were ready then we dialed them up on down-and-distance what we wanted to do, so his sheet, as you can see it, it will have everything specific to the plan. But it was a joint effort of the entire defense, like you guys have no idea the contributions that some people make are absolutely huge. And when I mention the red-zone, we put my brother in there, he puts those coverages in. He only did a two-year study on them, so I think it paid off for us.


Q: 200 yards on the ground. Is this the kind of offensive style you expected to play the whole year?

A: Yeah. You know this has been building all spring, all fall and this is what we envisioned this entire time. And it's just great to get a win. It's so good to get a win and I'm proud of these guys. I'm proud of the resolve. You know, this team, this city all needed this win.

Q: What kind of difference did Anthony Lynn make in his first game as the OC?

A: He was super consistent. You know, we had our bread and butter runs. You know, our stuff that we worked on all week. And you know, we had our meeting last night and A-Lynn put up on the screen what we were going to run, and you know, he stuck to that and we were mentally prepared and you know, we bodied them up.



Q: As a unit you had four interceptions that is pretty impressive?**

A: Yeah and if you want to be real it should have been six. So we lost, missed some opportunities, me personally, Stephon (Gilmore) we missed some. But it is a good day, it is a good day, whenever we go out there we pride ourselves on making plays. Last week we weren't able to do that so today we wanted to make sure we did that and I feel like we did a good job.

Q: It seemed you played a little more seven DB's?

A: Yeah we did this package was totally different it was something nobody had really seen from us. Rex (Ryan), Rob (Ryan) and DT (Dennis Thurman) did a great job that nobody wouldn't expect because you had never seen us do it and it worked out for us. It was a good package, good play calling and I mean we tip our hat to the coaches.

Q: Neutralizing a high-powered offensive and turning the ball over is this what you expect to do on a weekly basis?

A: Yeah we expect to do it. So far last week we didn't do it, we didn't play the way we were capable of playing. If we make the plays we are supposed to, this what we should do all the time. We got the talent to do it, we just got to make sure we are locked in and focused on what we are doing.


Q: Has to feel good after this one?

A: Love this, love this energy, love this mood. It is a great way to bounce back from a disappointing week last week (that) we had. We told guys lets get over last week and prepare for a great Arizona Cardinal team.

Q: How good was it to have a complete game as a defensive unit?

A: It was great all the way around with communication, guys running to the ball and making their tackles. As long as we had those and we were on the same page, guys where giving their effort a 100-percent each play. It is going to be hard to beat us.


Q: I know it's only one game, but are you calling this a statement game by this team?

A: I wouldn't call it a statement game. I mean, we just played solid football. We still have to work on penalties, especially on third downs, and being able to get off the field. The offense probably wants to clean up some things too, and the special teams – we can't give up big plays like that towards the end of the game. Is it a statement game? Yes, I think this is one of the top teams in the league right now, so obviously we showed we can compete with the best of the best, but we have to be consistent. It's one week, so we have to start stacking these wins together before we call it a statement win.



Q: What does this mean to you to rebound the way you did?**

A: I mean I knew I was going to rebound and bounce back. I mean sometimes it happens like that. The best corners get beat it is just how you bounce back. I want to thank Rex (Ryan), DT (Dennis Thurman) and T Mac (Tim McDonald) and all our defensive coaches for putting us in position to make plays. It was a great game plan and we just had to go out there and execute it.

Q: Speaking of that, what about Corey White stepping in for Darby today?

A: Corey (White) is a good cornerback. I mean when he came in, he made plays, he is very instinctive. That is what you got to do when you when somebody go down, you got to have someone step up and don't have that much drop off. So he did that, he had a great day. D-line had a great day, and linebackers got to the quarterback and we made plays on the back end.

Q: Rex said to ask you about John Blake's speech?

A: I mean he just said, things don't happen how you always want them to happen but you just got to stay positive and bounce back you know. I mean we was pumped up from last night, we were thinking about it all night. He had a great speech. We played for each other today we didn't play for ourselves we played for each other.

Q: What did it mean for the D-line to get pressure for you guys which didn't happen last week?

A: It is big. We work hand in hand. Once the defensive lineman and linebackers get there, it allows us to jump routes and things like that. Our D-line did a great job and we were aggressive on the back end. 

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