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What they're saying: Bills react to first playoff berth in 17 seasons


Head coach Sean McDermott

(Opening Statement) – "Opening up, really I just want to praise God, number one. It was a heck of a year. He continues to bless us, and thank the Cincinnati Bengals as well and (Head Coach) Marvin Lewis. Really, just all the sacrifice that goes into this on the players' behalf, on everyone involved in the building back in Buffalo, for all of our fans, all the families involved, all the sacrifices that have gone into this, I can't thank everyone enough. Congratulations to everyone. It's been a long time coming and the best part is we're building. I'm just happy to be a part of it. Also, I want to say congratulations to Kyle Williams. He's worked, he's sweated, he's bled and he's put his heart and soul into this city and this team, and I couldn't be any prouder for him at this moment. Really our players and our fans, just congratulations. I'm just happy to be a part of it."

(When you first took the job, you knew this whole 17-year thing had been sitting there. How much of it was something that you took on yourself, knowing that if there was any way to get this done right away and end it now, then do it. How important was it to you, because you know in the community, what it meant to the people here?) – "That's why it's such an emotional moment. I know it's my first year as a head coach and we're building, and that's the exciting part. There's still a lot of work to do (and) a lot of work to be done. That said, when Cincinnati went ahead and it got to be 44 seconds on the clock, I was just saying to God, 'Why not just now? Let's just get this over with now.' I'm happy, like I said, for all the work that's been put in, the fans that come out, the fans that came here to support us – it's not an easy flight. They travel with us wherever we go it seems like and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Jacksonville next week here."

(In those moments right after the Bengals game went final, can you take me through them?) – "A lot of happy guys in that locker room, a lot of emotions running pretty wild, guys just happy to be a part of it. This is a team. This is a team, these guys play as a team. From day one, no one gave them the chance. People thought we were tanking and I give a lot of credit to (General Manager) Brandon Beane and our personnel staff. They do a great job and the guys continue to battle. We're nowhere near where we need to be, but we are very grateful for this opportunity and it's a well-earned opportunity, and so my hat goes off to everyone involved."

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

(Can you describe the scene in here while you were waiting for what you needed to happen, happen?) – "I don't know the words to describe it to be honest. I was actually watching it in the back room with 'Shady' (LeSean McCoy) and the TV was probably two seconds late, so I had to move to the front room and actually see the game live. The guys are excited. This is definitely a goal of ours, but it doesn't stop here. We're excited to be in this position. We have a great opportunity in front of us. We came out and took advantage of the opportunity that was in front of us. I don't really have all the words right now but I'm just excited for the team. To see them come out and battle with what was at stake today … It was a crazy game today. A bunch of ups and downs, but we were able to pull it out and ultimately send us off into the playoffs."

(Can you walk us through the DT Kyle Williams touchdown play, working on it in practice and whatever else was involved in that?) – "Kyle is one of the best athletes on our team. It comes natural to him when you ask him to do things like that. He takes the hand off, he can throw the football. He's a big body and we definitely think he can get one yard, which he did. I was a little surprised with the touchdown celebration. I was the only one that wasn't, I guess, aware of it because I didn't fall down; but that was definitely big for him and big for our offense to punch it in and get a touchdown right there."

(You've been through a lot. How does it feel to be the quarterback of a team going to the playoffs?) – "I'm excited. The season has been a bunch of ups and downs. I've said this before, all that I've been through makes me who I am, so I wouldn't change it. I embrace those opportunities to grow as a person, to grow as a player and I'm still going to continue to keep growing. I'm looking forward to seeing what this team does in the playoffs. We have a bunch of talented players, a bunch of people who love each other, who play for one another and we're excited about the opportunity. Back to work."

(Does that make it a little more sweet? Because it felt like all season you guys embraced that underdog role. You guys like having that chip on your shoulder. Does that make getting over this hump that much better for you?) – "Absolutely. Underdogs, like you said, a bunch of guys in our locker room had been wrote off, whether it's by other organizations or other coaches. For some guys, this is their second or third opportunity to go out there and prove themselves as players and collectively we've came together and found a bond that is special. We play for one another and we take that onto the field every day at practice and in games and it shows on the field."


Defensive tackle Kyle Williams**

(How did you guys watch the end [of the Ravens game]? What was the reaction as soon as it happened?) – "It was very quiet and somber, it was very low key – No, everybody went crazy the boys loved it, it's just a great feeling."

(What was it like though? A 47-yard touchdown, 4th down play, for you to watch that did it sink in right away?) – "No, because I'm looking at the clock with 30 seconds left and 3 time out and everybody is jumping up and down and I'm so optimistic, I was like I have to see this go double zeros, I have to see this over with, so, like I said I'm kind of speechless, I'm excited, I'm just happy for all of the Buffalo Bills fans, I'm excited for our team."

(When this plane lands tonight there are probably going to be fans, reporters, people, have you envisioned what that's going to be like for you, Kyle?) – "You know what, I haven't thought about it. I've been a wreck for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, so what's a few more hours?"

Safety Jordan Poyer

(This secondary – yourself and S Micah Hyde in particular – have keyed this defense in a lot of ways in terms of the takeaways. Again, today, you guys are able to do it defensively and your takeaway leads to it. What did that mean to you to be able to, not just today but all season, lead this team along. You and Micah Hyde are both brand new to this team and you come in, and you said earlier this week, you wanted to establish yourself as one of the best safety duos in the league.) – "Yes, I just think that we work hard off the field, not just the secondary, it's all 11 guys on the football field. We worked hard all week. It's a tough group of guys. It's a great group of guys. It's a brotherhood. Crunch time you want to play for your brothers. Like I said, we've got a great pass rush, the ball was in the air and I was able to make a play on it."

Tight end Charles Clay

(Talk about the rollercoaster of emotions tonight. Weren't sure you were going to make the playoffs and now you're going.) – "It was pretty crazy. The biggest thing for us was obviously getting the win today. But then to come in and kind of see the game, kind of how it was going and for it to come down to the end like that, it was crazy. It was definitely a good feeling for them to come out with a win and for us to go to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. So that was big."

(Talk about the game tonight. Bills pretty much controlled it most of the way.) – "It was big. Guys came out and fought. We knew … No, but it was big. Guys came … Guys came out and fought from the beginning. We knew it would be a tough game. We knew we had to start fast and we did. They kind of started coming back, so at that time, you kind of have to trust your training and guys did a good job of fighting until the end. It's a great feeling, man."

(So what do you have to do to get ready for next week?)– "Go back to work. You can celebrate this one for a little while, but we worked all off season to get to this point and definitely can't just celebrate getting here now. Everything starts over right now. So it's the start of a new season, get back to work and get ready."

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