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What they're saying: Bills react to ownership news


"I guess there were a few things. The main thing is just really excited for our fans, Buffalo as a city, this community. Then on a personal level kind of some relief, some excitement to know that 10, 12, 15 years from now I don't have to tell my kids what a special place this was, I can actually bring them and show, rather than describe it to them. I think it was a great day for everyone that's involved in this community and this organization."

"I want to play today. Really, it's such a good week news wise for the Buffalo Bills, for Buffalo Bills alumni and Jim Kelly, for our region with the Pegulas, going on the road and winning a football game, coming back and playing the Dolphins of all teams, I'm excited about Sunday."

-  DT Kyle Williams on the importance of the team staying in Buffalo

"It's kind of like a feeling we didn't have. We didn't know the whole time where it was going to go. We wanted to stay here. Everybody wanted to stay here, especially for me being from Buffalo and all my family here, everybody is here and everybody wanted that and I wanted it to stay here and I think a lot of our players did. We got what we wanted."

- Buffalo native WR Mike Williams on the desire to stay put in WNY

"I'm excited. To have an opportunity for the Bills to stay here in Western New York, it's big for everybody in this community. I grew up watching the Bills play and I'm just happy that my children will have that same opportunity."

"Just to see the way the people of Western NY support the buy and the sale of the team. Everyone is happy about it, everyone feels kind of surreal. They just can't believe that it happened and they're just excited that the Buffalo Bills are going to stay in Western NY."

- Buffalo native CB Corey Graham on the community's reaction

"You really don't have too much to do with it, as a player. I'm sure everybody's happy to get the process over and we're happy that it's a couple that's very familiar with this area and all things that they do but it's on us right now to just focus on the season. To just focus on these football games that we have going on right now and that's what we're trying to do but I've heard nothing but good things from them being good friends with Pat Kaleta. I talk to him and he's told me nothing but good things about the Pegulas. It's a good thing to have the process done but for the most part, what we're focused on as players is winning football games."

"Obviously we want to be in Buffalo. We want to be in Western New York. There's a tremendous fan base here and we're happy for those guys. To have it all put to rest and knowing that the team's going to be here, that's something that everyone in this locker room is happy about."

- RB Fred Jackson on players' reactions to the news

"We're very excited. We're happy it was able to get done and we're happy we're going to be staying in Buffalo and we're just excited for our fans right now."

- QB EJ Manuel on the team's excitement for the fan base

"It's exciting as players to know you're still going to be here with these fans, these great fans that we have and I feel like it's great for the community but our main focus of course is the Dolphins this week. But we know it'll be as loud as usual and we know that's going to have an effect. "

- LB Nigel Bradhamon the atmosphere at Ralph Wilson Stadium

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