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What they're saying: Bills-Seahawks postgame comments


Head Coach Rex Ryan

(Opening statement…) "Obviously a tough loss. We're trying to take that team to deep water and I thought we did. We had way too many penalties, too many mistakes. With all that being said we had a chance to win the game. I thought we should have. We have to regroup.

I told our team to empty the tank and they did. We prepared well all week. We gave everything we had and we came up short. We have a week off, we gotta re-group. Hopefully we can get some guys healthy.

We lost Eric Wood with a broken leg. That's a huge loss because I think he is the best center in football. But we have to find ways to overcome it."

(What is your view on the sequence at the end of the first half…) "Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

(What was the explanation given by officials…) "It doesn't matter, it was wrong. It was clear what happened. The guy roughed our kicker. He jumps offsides and roughs our kicker. And because we had to go out and attend to him and it wasn't called roughing the kicker, we had to spike the ball so we can come back in and kick. He needed a little time there. We saw him go down and our trainers ran out. That's what we had to do. They have to put the K ball out there and they don't reset the clock. I think from an officiating stand point I think they can do a little better than that."

(Why did you put Jerry Hughes on the punt team…)"It was Danny Crossman. We knew that they had a rookie long snapper who had struggled a little bit in protection. We put our best player in there and Jerry made a great play."

(Was this a loss by things out of your control…)"We know it's a loss, so we have to re-group. Obviously we are going to have to string some wins together. We know it's a tough task in front of us. I think if we get some players back with the commitment of our team and the unity of our team that's what we're going to rely on – the strength. That way we will have a chance moving forward.

QB Tyrod Taylor


(On the game felt on offense…)**  "We were definitely in a rhythm. Going into this game, we needed touchdowns and not field goals.  The one time we were down, approaching the red zone and threw an interception, I think that was a big play in the game. Definitely something we bounced back from, but we can't have those plays going into a game like this."

(On how major the loss of center Eric Wood is…)  "It's definitely tough to see him go down. Like you said, he definitely means a lot to our offense as far as getting protections and even in the running game. It's just a tough loss. We have to use this bye week wisely as far as getting (Ryan) Groy ready to play for the rest of this season.  But it's definitely tough. We have to keep him in prayer and hope he comes back healthy."

(On the play of Robert Woods…)  "Robert Woods is a feisty guy, a competitive guy, and he wanted the football. He's going out there doing the things we're asking him to do and he played his butt off today. It was a career day for him. We would have liked to end it in a winning fashion, but I'm definitely happy for him, to see his progress as the season is going on."

LB Lorenzo Alexander

(On how they were able to improve on defense in the second half...) "Nothing, just came and competed. We kind of had a heart-to-heart during halftime about just stepping up and competing. Proud of the way guys stepped up. We have to figure out a way to take the ball away though and create opportunities defensively for the offense, as well."

(On the amount of sacks they were able to generate...) "Their offensive line struggled a little bit, especially with our guys, who I think are better than their offensive line. But, at the end of the day Russell Wilson made the plays that he needed to. They blocked and held us when they needed to, and he threw some balls and the receivers made some great catches."

(On his team not quitting...) "At the end of the day it's about winning games. We have to figure out a way to start fast and not put ourselves in a hole. It's hard. It's hard to lose this one. Statistically when you look at it, it looked like we should have won the game. I think red zone was the issue for us."

LB Jerry Hughes


(On his blocked punt in the first quarter...)** "We drew up the play earlier in the week. I've been studying those guys, we knew how they were going to open up, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't hit the punter. The way we've been practicing it, to see it actually run well throughout the game, it was pretty amazing."

(On the Seahawks' ability to move the ball in the first half...)"You have to tip your hat to them. Russell Wilson came out and kept them alive the whole game. He did a good job of changing up the snap count, moving the ball downfield."

(On the changes made to limit the Seahawks' offense in the second half...) "We had a great second half adjustment. Coach came in and made some adjustments. They saw some things we needed to do, it was all them changing our whole game plan."

RB LeSean McCoy


(On how he felt tonight…)** "I felt good. I was able to make some guys miss. I think that was just the outcome of being able to practice and feeling good before the game. As an offense, we were able to move the ball up and down the field."

(On how the offense was able to convert so well on third down…) "In the air and on the ground, everything worked. Everything was working and we're a good offense - we really are when we're healthy but that's always an issue here. But we have a lot of good players. The guys up front block really well and with the skill players that we have, we have a lot of talented guys."

(On if this was the best game he's seen Tyrod play…) "He was lights out. He was really good on the small things like getting the ball out of his hand and converting play action. He was able to extend plays and he played really well today. That was probably one of his better games and it sucked that we couldn't get him a win."

LB Preston Brown

(On the difference in defense between the two halves...) "It was all in mentality. You have to go out there and make plays. We had too many mishaps in the beginning that lead to scores and got ourselves in a big hole. We played well enough in the second half to limit them to those points, but you can't give up that many points in the first half."

(On why he thought Wilson was able to pass the ball so effectively in the first half...) "I'm not sure why he had so much success in the first half. He was like 85 percent, he was just finding guys open, throwing great passes, catching with one hand, they were just making plays."

(On his view of the plays at the end of the first half...) "He jumped offsides and went low on the kicker and hit him. I mean, I know that the one flag was for him jumping offsides, but I don't see why you can't throw two flags for him – unnecessary roughness. It is what it is. (We) ended up getting out of three points on that so that was a big swing in the game, because we needed those three points. They got away with one right there. We had the ball at the end of the game and that's all that you can ask for in this league."

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