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What they're saying: Bills-Titans postgame quotes



(On how much trouble the team would be in if they lost this game and how Tyrod Taylor's performance willed them to victory)

He did will us to victory, but it was a team effort. Obviously he is the reason we won, the difference, but man those guys played awful good. We weren't perfect on defense, made some mistakes, but it was great to see that our guys wanted to be on that field and that's the mark of a team that's starting to figure it out. I was proud of them.

(On how the defense responded after the penalty on the last drive)

Shoot, I've got to give that (Titans) quarterback credit, that young kid's going to be a good one. He can run too. I think you saw the future of the NFL at that position with the two quarterbacks on the field. Both of them run, they scare the heck out you, that kid made a couple great runs. Obviously Tyrod did as well, but I'm just really proud of the guys for hanging in there. The penalty thing, I think our sideline was a lot better, but the first play and we're offside; I broke my little wristband on the first play, snapped it. I've got to get a different one.

(On what he learned about his team today)

I love it, I loved the fact that we wanted to be on the field at the end of the game on defense. We weren't afraid. Sometimes the guys get nervous about it and they don't convert on third down and our guys couldn't wait to get on that field and that's the sign of a good team, a good defense, so I was excited about that. I loved the way the offense responded. We had 50 yards at halftime, that was ugly, there's no question that was ugly. But it ended up being beautiful at the end. We just kept fighting and kept hanging in there. Was a lot of it based on individual effort?  It was absolutely was, and we will take it.



(On constantly showing leadership by not getting frustrated with slow starts)

The leadership role definitely comes from me being the quarterback and on the field they have to see confidence in every play that I call. The main thing is that I just keep everybody uplifted. It is a long game, and whether we are doing good, we still have to maintain that, but if we are doing bad we have to pick it up. They definitely look to me for encouragement and I have to be that person that remains the same throughout the entire game.

(On the designed draw on his touchdown run)

That was a designed draw and was something that we practiced on against a certain look. There were two plays called in the huddle and we got up and they gave us the look that we wanted to get and I was able to make a play. There was a bunch of great blocking on that play.


(On Tyrod Taylor bouncing back in the second half)

I have been a fan of [Taylor] since he got here in OTA's. He has been winning this team over and I think you guys are just now seeing it. The poise in the pocket, not being rattled when we are down and able to bounce back the same as he did in the New England game, it is all the things that we have been seeing and they are all the things that we have been raving about.

(On if there was ever a thought that the game was getting away after the 10-0 Titans lead)

Definitely. Our defense pretty much kept us in the game and we had a few opportunities, but they played great defense today. Hats off to them. We just kept grinding and that's all we kept saying on the sideline. It paid off for us.



(On the touchdown catch)

It's one of our short-yardage throws. Tyrod (Taylor's) on the move. It's really up to me. I've got to out-leverage my defender pretty fast, because the ball's coming out. It's one of those things. We did it on third down, as well. I knew what I had to do. I think Percy (Harvin) was on the outside of me. He ran a good route. It was kind of a timing route for us that we would be crossing at the same time. Tyrod threw it and had to step up and make a play, the play that I think this team needed."

(On what the win says about this Bills team)

I think we say it every single week, this team fights. Whatever happens in the game, we're not giving up. I think that's pretty special. I don't think you see that in a lot of teams that, no matter what happens, no matter where we're at in the game, it doesn't matter how much we're down, we're fighting to the fourth quarter. We showed that today. I'm just really happy that we were able to get this win. It's a great team win for us, especially going into this. Next week, and then obviously we travel to London. Now we can try to get things rolling. We obviously still have a lot to work on. Got to come out faster, but that's what we can work on. We'll go back and watch the film. I'm just happy for this team.


(On the defense trying to hold the team together while the offense was struggling)

Sometimes it will be like that. We're a team. We're only as good as our team, so we've got to pick the offense up sometimes. They've got to pick us up sometimes. We did that, and we found a way to win.

(On the Titans' last two possessions)

It was time to step up and make a play. We hadn't gotten a turnover all day, so our mindset was to go in and make a play on the defensive end and win the game.

(On his pick at the end of the game)

It was in man-to-man, and my guy ran a fade ball, and I got my head around early. I saw he looked like he was open, so I just came off my guy and happened to make a play on the ball.

(On what this win means for the team)

It's big. These close games, it gives us confidence, and it gives us the ability to go in every game with confidence. We know we've got a good team. No matter how many ups and downs we have, we've got to stick together as a team and find a way to win.


(On Tyrod Taylor bouncing back in the second half)

At the end of the day, it's a win. It might look ugly, but we went out there and got the win, so we are happy about that.

(On what Tyrod Taylor's performance did for everyone else on the team)

We just wanted to rally behind him. He is getting beat up, getting back up and running for touchdowns, getting back up and throwing deep balls. He played outstanding for us today, so we want to go out there and fight for a guy like that.


(On keeping things together despite the slow start)

That was the big thing, just keeping it together mentally. We had a full week of preparation, and probably one of our better weeks of preparation the entire year. We came in on Wednesday and we were physical. Thursday and Friday we had talked about penalties and how we would have to address it on our own. We stuck together and we kept grinding. 

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