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Wide Receiver CJ Hawthorne


PM Practice – August 4, 2008


On signing with the Bills

I'm excited. It's a great opportunity and I'm just thankful for the opportunity.


On wondering if he was going to get an opportunity

Sometimes you have doubt but I just try to keep the faith and just keep believing. And I knew that if I continued to work hard the opportunity would come through.


On switching from a defensive back to wide receiver

Actually, I was a receiver my whole life but then when I went to the University of Hawaii they wanted me to play right off the bat. So then I switched over to cornerback, but I'm a receiver at heart. That's what I'm most comfortable with and that's where I feel most confident so that's what I love.


On the change over being difficult

Actually it wasn't. Being a cornerback it's just lonesome kind of. You're your own man out there, but other than that receiving is just a whole new ball game for me.


On making the team on special teams

Oh definitely. That's exactly right and if I'm going to make this team, it's going to have to be on special teams. So any chance I get to do anything on special teams, I'm going to be out there giving it my all.


On playing at Hawaii

I was lined up at Z-receiver so I got most of my work at Z.


On playing outside receiver

I definitely feel great outside. I feel like if you're going to play outside you have to be fast and I feel like that's something that I can bring to this team, the speed. So I'm definitely feeling confident about that.


On the off-season

I was with Atlanta before I came out here but I didn't sign. I went in as an unsigned free agent and I went to mini-camp with them.


On if today's practice was a whirlwind for him

I think practice wasn't at all, but before that, just getting comfortable with people, you almost feel like you're walking on coals. But otherwise, everything else just felt good. The people are real homey to me. And no one was over arrogant or anything. They were real respectful and people in the locker room were  saying, "Hey, how are you doing," so I'm thankful to this organization. 

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