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Wide Receiver Josh Reed - 8/17


PM Practice – August 17, 2008


On loosening up and breaking a sweat again

It felt like I was starting training camp again but they really did a good job and it really felt like I never missed a day. As far as how I was feeling, it was great to be back out there.


On being hit in the back and his concern

I think it was something that started it that made it flare up. It wasn't a direct hit that I took and it wasn't even the back actually. It was below the back and it felt more muscular than the spine actually.


On having a concern about the injury

It was in the same area which was the concern. I knew the pain was different so I knew that is wasn't what it was before. It was just aggravating not being able to be out here. You still have to be out there for the guys but that was the most frustrating thing, not being out there.


On if it felt good to be out there tonight

It definitely did. I took another shot tonight but hopefully I will be able to walk in the morning. So far it feels good. I just have to stay with the treatment and with what the trainers are doing and just keep an eye on it.


On having more of an itch to get back in because of the offense's performance last game

That really sparked me, just to watch that game and see the improvement. It was so drastic from the first game to the second one and when you see something like that you want to be a part of it even more.



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