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Wide receiver Lee Evans


Monday, November 26, 2007


On how tough it is as a receiver with a change at quarterback


It's tough. It's tough offensively. JP [Losman] was obviously put in a tough situation and a decision was made to take him out. Whether or not they felt he played up to his potential or not is one thing, but right now for the offense it changes. Things change now. You have a different guy behind the center and that's what we have right now.


On Coach Jauron saying if JP won the game on Sunday he'd still be in there


I can understand it. It's a tough situation to put him in though.  Obviously when you play game-to-game with that type of chip on your shoulder it's tough. It puts unnecessary pressure on you. Obviously, he didn't play well enough for him to be kept in so they made a change.


On not sounding happy


It's tough. It's tough. We all knew the situation that he was in, so when he didn't play well it was only a matter of time I guess. But offensively you have to go back and start doing some basic things now. And hopefully the change will be for the best and help spark the offense.


On lobbying for JP


The situation that he was in, like I said before, the situation that he was put in was tough. It was kind of perform or be pulled and that's what it is. We knew that whenever he had a few games that weren't very good this was going to happen.


On the player's mindset knowing they are walking on a tightrope


No question. I think it can make you a little hesitant about things. It makes you less likely to want to take chances because if things are going wrong it's just bad consequences. It can but I don't know if it did with him but generally speaking it can.


On if the offense changes with Trent Edwards at quarterback


It changes, no question. You have two different types of quarterbacks in there, so it does change.


On if he feels perform or be pulled is a fair standard


It is pro sports. But as far as a fair standard, obviously if somebody is not playing well or what not then they're obviously going to look for a replacement. But under the situation from a quarterback position is different. It's different than any other position on the field.


On if the problems for the offense go beyond JP Losman


No question. No question about it, but it's not just one guy. It's not just one person's fault, but obviously the quarterback's the leader and a lot of fault goes on him.


On if the most troubling thing was not seeing JP reap the rewards of his hard work


Yes it is tough. He's still a young quarterback, he's still growing as a quarterback and obviously you play bad games at times. It happens to everybody, but with that come very good games. So now you played a few bad games and he probably won't get that opportunity.


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