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Wide Receiver Lee Evans

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
On if the success he is having coinciding with JP Losman's return
I wouldn't call it a coincidence. We certainly made some plays in the past and in how this is starting to get in rhythm as an offense. I think everybody at every position is starting to play a little bit better and we're playing at a much higher level.
On if winning is something they had envisioned before the season
Exactly. I think right now we're playing much better offensively just due to the fact that every game's a little different. Defenses are trying to do different things to us so different people have to come up and have to play big at different times and I think right now we're getting that from tight ends, running backs, offensive line, receivers. We've still got a ways to go but it's good to get into some type of rhythm and get some wins under our belt.
On if he has more confidence with JP since they've played together a few years versus Trent
I think it some instances it's just him just taking a chance at it. Sometimes it's not the perfect read or what you're supposed to do. But taking chances at times and it's paid off in some instances.
On if arm strength has to do with big plays
It has a lot to do with it especially trying to throw a deep ball in some of the elements you know you're going to be faced with in Buffalo and around the league it plays a big factor. And much more than that is confidence in it as well. When you've done it a few times it just helps your psyche in doing it again.
On having another breakout second half of the season
I think more so it's just offensively we've just become a much better offense. I mean you can't just say it's one thing or another, just consistently playing offensively. We've just become a lot better offensively in the passing game, running game, protection-wise just a better offensive unit in the later half of the season. You'd like to get it going early but it always doesn't happen. You know what you can do and that's what you're aiming for.
On why he thinks it happened last season with the changes that were made
I think it's the same thing. Even though you put in a new offense, switch some guys out, it's tough early. Once you rep things and repping, repping and repping it's just a matter of going out and executing. Executing against different looks, different teams and consistently doing it. I think as you get into the middle to late part of the season is when you really start to hit your stride.
On the connection he and JP have had since they're rookie season
I think for us it's just as people we're relatively similar. Similar types of people. Some of things he likes… it's not like a best friend, always going out but we have a good personal connection with each other. And I think when we get out on the field we have high expectations of each other. We know each other is going to go out there and play hard. I think it's much more than a connection. It's just a very deep respect we have for each other.
On the similarities between he and JP from different parts of the country
Different walks of life but just as people we are similar in certain ways.
On if this team can relate to Miami's struggles
They aren't. You look at them on film, they run around, they do a lot of things well, they put points up on the board offensively and defensively they do a lot of things to try and put pressure on you. And force you to make a mistake. We know it will be a tremendous challenge for us. They're a play away from having a different record; a whole different story to their season as well so to just look at the record is very misleading.
On the success he has had in Miami
We're familiar with going down and playing down there. It's a different type in preparing for going down to Miami this time of the year for us. I think just having some familiarity with that and having some confidence in being able to do so goes a long way.
On if Miami can go 0-16
It's possible. It's possible but they have a lot of talent over there and they've been hit with some things and some personnel changes but it's not likely. They're a good football team and I'm sure they'll find a way to win one, just hopefully not against us.
On the similar losses that Miami and Buffalo has had and the reason Buffalo has come back
We have a high level of expectation for ourselves; we know where we can be. It's just a matter of getting there. We've done it before. We're starting to get back there as a goal. It's a different situation for us just because we feel that we can accomplish a lot of things. For them, I don't know what their mindset is.

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