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Wide Receiver Lee Evans - Media Day

Wednesday, November 14, 2007  
On how not having Marshawn Lynch would affect the offense
I think everybody has to do their part and take advantage of it. Some of the things that he brings to the table have really helped this offense. So it'll take everybody doing a little bit more to pick up the slack.
On how much Lynch would be missed
He's been big. There's no question about that. Anthony [Thomas], he's a seasoned veteran guy so he's reliable. We know when steps in he knows what he's doing so that goes a long way. And Dwayne [Wright], he's developing very quick as well. He's had some opportunities to get in and run the football so it'll be a big game for him to grow up as well.
On if the emotion of playing on national TV will help
I think so. We know who those guys are. Those guys have been, record wise they're the best team in the league. They're playing very consistent. We know for us it's going to take a great deal of energy and great deal of concentration to beat them. But it's still another game. It's another game. It's another step for us to see where we are against one of the best teams in the league.
On if there is an additional amount of pressure playing on national TV
It's one of those games that it's going to take everybody and all three phases. Offense is going to have to do its part to hold onto the ball and put points on the board. Defense is going to have to play their role and special teams is going to be big as well. Offensively we know we're going to have to do some things and get the ball in the end zone to give ourselves as a chance.
On his comments of not coming out with a lot of emotion versus Miami and if this team will have that problem Sunday night
No, it won't be a problem. It hasn't really been a problem for us. In that game, we just didn't come out well. And I think from that regardless of whatever game this was we'll come out with a lot more emotion. And we'll come out with a better sense of purpose. It'll really stick out in a game like this if we didn't.
On if he had any doubt that JP Losman would have been named the starter this week
I hadn't really even thought about it. The bottom line was that we won a tight football game so I really hadn't had any speculation about it. Quite frankly, for me, I haven't just forgotten about it. It's just one of those things where some people make it more than what it is. We'll just keep plugging away and see what happens.
On New England being a difficult team to beat
They're a very good football team, especially defensively. They're very seasoned, have a lot of veterans on their team. They don't really give up a lot of big players. They just play together and they make plays when it counts. It takes a great effort for four quarters to beat them. We've played well against them for three. We've played well against them for three and a half. It takes four quarters to beat those guys and that's the type of effort that we'll need Sunday night.
On winning four games in a row
We expect to play well. We'll get a chance to see where we are. We know what they're like; we know where they're going to be so it'll be an opportunity for us to see where we are offensively and how good we really are against a very good football team.
On the national hype surrounding New England and the Bills not getting a lot of hype
It doesn't really bother us. We play for the guys in this locker room. Everybody in here knows what we've got and that's all we need because we'll come out, we'll play hard, we'll play together and we're going to come out swinging.
On the importance of time of possession Sunday night
It'll be tough. Offensively, we know keeping them off the field will be big. If we can do that, that'll certainly help the whole football team, help the defense and help give us a chance. That's a key. It's a lot easier said than done. If we can do that than it'll certainly be helpful. No question.

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