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Wide receiver Lee Evans - Media Day


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


On playing against London Fletcher this week


We all know what type of player London is. Like you said he plays with a lot of intensity and he takes the game very seriously. Anytime he's out there you have to know where he is because he flies around a lot.


On Fletcher's enthusiasm and if that is something the team can take advantage of


Possibly but he obviously has a lot more upsides than he does down. Like I said, we know him. We know what they're going to try to do or we figure we know. Some of the guys they've got over there we know they like to put pressure on the quarterback and come after him. That's what we have to prepare for.


On what he expects from the Redskins after Sean Taylor's death


I expect them to come out and play with a lot of intensity. Obviously when something like that happens the only people you can turn to and rely on are your teammates to help you get through. So playing in the game right after that, that's what you expect form them come out and play very well as a team.


On what the offense needs to do to reach the end zone


I wish I had the answer to that. Basically we haven't been very consistent as we have been in the past. It's just been if it's not one thing it's another. Sometimes we do certain things right and something else goes on. We just have to hone on things and just play a lot more consistent. And I think once we do that then at least we give ourselves a chance.


On the amount of injuries


Sometimes you don't even know, but it's a tough situation. I think when guys get an opportunity to come in and have to come in and step up and play they've done a good job so far this year in light of everything. Guys have stepped in and you go through something like this in practice it's just part of it. I think when something like that happens you still have to move on and you still have to prepare yourself to play.


On if he is encouraged from what he saw in Fred Jackson last week


No question. I think Fred's a very good player. The only thing he's really missing are reps in this league.  All he needs is an opportunity. I think he played very well last week and if he has a more extended role this week then I think he can definitely make a difference in the game.


On explaining the phrase he used on his radio show about the quarterback situation


I didn't say 'stuck,' but it's more so that's the situation we're in now. I don't think that with them making the switch that they'll go back to JP now. I think with the switch Trent's the quarterback now so this is what we have. So there really shouldn't be too much more of a conversation about the quarterback situation.



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