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Wide receiver Lee Evans - Media Day

Bills Wide Receiver Lee Evans


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On operating offensively without Marshawn Lynch

When we lose someone that has done so much for our offense so far it does make a difference and you do have to make adjustments.  I think there are a lot of guys that can step in and do a great job but granted, what he has done, once you count on that for a while you do need to make adjustments.  We will have to do a good job of doing that this week. 


On the burden the loss of Lynch puts on the offense

I guess it's just part of it.  It's a tough thing to do.  You don't want it to happen like it has been a lot with this team.  When one guy goes down another guy has the opportunity to step up.  That's what we need from the running back position. 


On the offensive approach being different without Lynch

Not really.  I still think we are doing a good job of attacking defenses and trying to attack them.  As long as we have that mentality then we will be alright. 


On this game being a big game in terms of the playoff race

It is a big game.  If we plan on doing anything with the post season or even thinking about the postseason this is a big game for us.  Every game from here on out is a big game, but this game means a little bit more because it's a team that we are going to be competing against.  When it comes down to it, this will have been a huge game even though we still have a few games left.


On this game being a big game in terms of Losman's future as the starting quarterback

For him in his situation, if that's the way he feels then so be it.  It's just hard for me to look at it and say that.  If that's what gives him a little more sense of urgency then that's the way he has to look at it. 


On the way Jacksonville covered the receivers last year

They do a lot of two high safety and show you cover two and quarters.  They do a good job of mixing it up.  Their safeties are very aggressive and they've got a very, very good corner on the outside in (Rashean) Mathis.  He's a Pro Bowler.  Their defense is aggressive.  They'll come after you and they got some big guys up front that do a good job in stopping the run.  It's a defense that you certainly got to attack because they're coming after you. 


On Jacksonville playing a lot of ugly games

They're a very physical football team.  They run the ball a lot and defensively they play very physical.  That's the type of game they try to get you in.  They slow things down and pound you and pound you and pound you.  In the back end we are going to have to try to make some big plays to open things up a little bit. 


On it being surprising that Losman feels this could be a make or break game for him

It doesn't surprise me that he feels that way.  When you go through some of the things that he's went through this season it doesn't give him a lot of confidence in some of the things.  I can understand why he feels that way.  You can't say it doesn't make sense, but if you concern yourself with a lot of other things other than the task at hand then you could get sidetracked. 


On Jacksonville having a chip on their shoulder because of the way they played against Buffalo last year

I think it's a good thing.  I think when we go down there to play, we expect a tough game.  They are in the same race as we are.  It's a step for them to try to get ahead, but it's a step for us as well.  We don't expect anything less than a tough football game. 


On it being easier or tougher to get over the loss to the Patriots

It's easier for me.  You play the game, you see what happens, you learn from the film and then you let it go because this week here is a big one.  If you're still thinking about what happened last week then you can't really prepare yourself all the way for this week.  That's one thing I've done.  Just let that game go and move forward. 


On the chance that Rashean Mathis may not play

Obviously with Mathis out it helps.  Mathis speaks for himself.  He's one of the best corners in the league.  With him out they might change some things or they might not.  You just have to come out and see.  They have some other guys over there that can run and are pretty quick and they're confident with them, because they played with them last week.  We'll just have to see what they try to do.   


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