Wide receiver Lee Evans - Postgame

Bills Wide Receiver Lee Evans

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On whether New England was dominating or the Bills did not play well

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I think we obviously didn't play like we know we could play. We made some mistakes especially in first half offensively then game got away from us then and it kind of put us in a hole.  When you make mistakes against a good football team those things like that happen so I think the biggest thing is we learn from it.  But against good football teams mistakes like that can't happen.


On feeling like you have to score when other team's offense is continuously scoring points


It's tough, it's tough. You can try to tell yourself that we got to get points now; we got to go down and get points.  Obviously, it changed the game a little bit, but we have to get points.  That's what you're thinking every time you go out on the field regardless, but when you have a situation like that it makes it more urgent.


On Coach's words post-game and the feelings of players post-game

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Right now it's tough, it's a tough game to lose especially when you lose like that. But for everyone in this locker room, I think we stuck together played hard till the end and when you're in a situation like that I think that's what you look for. Look for guys not to give up, look for guys to keep playing and you just rebound from this, you let this one go and rebound and play better next week.


On rebounding and going into a conference game next week

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It's a big game for us.  Like I just said we just have to let this one go because the one coming up is real big and if we want to have any chance playing in the post season we need to get this one.



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