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Wide receiver Steve Johnson - June 3

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
On his thoughts thus far in his NFL career
It's exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I think its going good right now.
On if he is absorbing the playbook well
Every rookie is going to have some trouble with it, but the terminology is just different, that's all it is. Its all pretty much the same thing, it's just the terminology is very different.
On if he feels more pressure being a 7th round draft choice
Definitely, being a 7th round pick is like being a free agent. Of course I feel like I have to make every play, and go extra hard, because there is no room for mistakes or anything. So yes, it's a lot of pressure but that's how it's been through our college, junior college, and high school. So it's the same kind of thing.
On if catching the ball well in OTAs is something he is striving on
Yes, I mean as a receiver you're supposed to catch the ball, that's your job and that shouldn't be too hard. At times you're mentally tired but you have to get over that. You're a receiver and you have to catch the ball, so catch the ball.
On if he sees opportunity in Buffalo
I think there is opportunity everywhere. God put you in places where you can prosper. So yes, there is opportunity everywhere. So all you have to do is keep on doing, going hard, have a hard work attitude, and believing in God and anything can happen from there.

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